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Address type on packing slips

I am trying to get the address type on a custom packing slip template. It would be useful for when using scan to ship for a person to know whether to use FedEx home or ground without having to open the order at all and know which service to use. Is t...

Resolved! Adding Order tags to packing slip

I am looking to add a field on the packing slip that displays the order tags. We use order tags for a variety of things but most importantly we use them to notate whether or not a shipment is hazmat. We have the automation rules that tags orders with...

Create returns export

Is it possible to export a csv of all orders that includes the return label information? We are a rental company, so all our labels come with a return label for the user, it would be great to be able to export a document that including the carrier, t...

A Foxy-Cart inspired email notification template

Original post from user Andrew54CA1 So, I HATE the default shipping template. It's . . . awful. However, the default template that FoxyCart provides is pretty well done, so I decided to create a FoxyCart-inspired email template to make my store's bra...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Payment methods needs to be a field

Original post by user Jesse Delo How do I map the payment type from my x-cart store? I need to know if it was a paypal payment or credit card payment. I have added the html to my fsd x-cart store but what is the map field name i need to use to pull i...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Adding page break to packing slip

Original post by user Ned Miller How do i add a Page Break to the end of a packing slip template? I want to add an additional page with marketing, but i want the original packing slip to remain intact.

SarahATX by Moderator
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Calculate Tax/VAT for packing slips

Original post by user Mark Foreman Unfortunately the feed from my Ebay store is giving shipstation a zero figure for Tax/VAT so the only way around this is to add in some html for the packing slip, any help would be appreciated? I need to show [Amoun...

SarahATX by Moderator
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A4 Page Size - Packing Slips

Original post by user Stuart Cameron There is a considerable difference in page size when comparing EU A4 against the US Letter Page format. I'm loosing an Inch of valuable space from the bottom of my packing sheets. Is there any reason this format c...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Packing slip [Field Replacements]

Original post by user Stuart Cameron Is there a HTML [Field Replacement] for Required Delivery Date? This is arguably as important as the ship by date. Also, is there a [Country Code] Field Replacement? If there is not can there be? Thanks Stuart

SarahATX by Moderator
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Product pictures in shipping notification?

Original post by user Jarrod Murray Can you add product pictures to the shipping notifications? For example if they purchase the yellow hat, it will show the picture of the yellow hat in the email? I have seen other companies include thumbnails of th...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Make entire packing slip bold

Orgiinal post from user Mike Adelmann Can anyone tell me how to make the entire packing list BOLD print? We just started printing the packing list on 4x6 labels and they would look better in bold. I cannot seem to figure it out. thanks in advance. PS...

Header table changes on custom packing slips

Original post by Jake Kirkham Hi there - I'm a relative newbie with SS and I'm just setting my forms up. My Custom packing slip not quite looking as it should though. I have all the info on the page I need, but there's a box at the top of the page th...