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Payment methods needs to be a field


Original post by user Jesse Delo


How do I map the payment type from my x-cart store? I need to know if it was a paypal payment or credit card payment. I have added the html to my fsd x-cart store but what is the map field name i need to use to pull in this info from my store?



Original reply by Robert S (ShipStation Employee)


Hi Jesse,

ShipStation does receive a Payment Method field from some store connections, including X-Cart, which is meant to be a representation of how the customer paid for the order. However, the Payment Method field itself is limited in use - It can be included in exports or used as a filter for orders or automation rules, but it is not currently a displayable field within ShipStation and it cannot be used on packing slips.


In order to use this field for your packing slips, you'll need to make use of Automation Rules and one of the order's Custom Fields. Here's how I'd recommend you go about it:


  1. Run an Order Export for your recent X-Cart orders. You'll need to do this to see the Payment Method values ShipStation is receiving. The Payment Method field is displayed as "Order - Pay Method" on standard exports.
  2. Create an automation rule using the Payment Method as criteria, using the same value as received from your X-Cart store. The action for the rule would be to set one of the Custom Fields to a value that matches or equates to the Payment Method.




Repeat step 2 for each possible Payment Method value for your store.


Modify your packing slip so that the relevant Custom Field is displayed. Alternatively, if you just want to see the payment type in-app, you can enable the column for the relevant Custom Field.


Please note that this is not possible for all integrations, as some partners do not send a Payment Method field. As a shipping provider, some partners find that information unnecessary for ShipStation and omit it in favor of buyer privacy.

New Contributor

Was the payment method automation option removed? No on my list, and it links to a 404 error here. I too am working on the same thing, it's been an incredibly frustrating experience. I have seen a screenshot of the api data shown to me by a ship station support member confirming that it is being recieved by them, nobody seems to be able to give me a clear answer on how to map that data to a custom field or the internal notes field to get it onto my packing slip. I use the payment method in my data entry, so I cannot use the service without that data being on the slip. 


I would also very much appreciate if this field were added. We have several stores linked through Magento and it would be very, very helpful to know who paid via credit card, paypal, etc....

Hi Adam, I have been in communication with the developers on this for the last few weeks. It turns out there had already been a pretty easy way to do this for a long time via the automation method above, but a decision was made by the developers to intentionally disable the payment method automation feature in a recent update. Nobody in the dev team seems willing to say why the decision was made to remove it, or who made the decision to remove it, but the infrastructure needed to do what both of us (and many other businesses) needed had already been paid to develop and implement but then was just flat out removed with no substitute option that doesn't involve custom-coding your own API output from your store line by line to output the payment method as an internal note. 

I would suggest contacting the shipstation team directly to ask them why the feature was disabled and express the importance of the feature, hopefully if enough customers express the importance of the feature (that, to be clear, they had already paid to develop before intentionally disabling it) then they might either implement a workaround that doesn't involve a custom-coded API or at least just re-engage the feature. Frustrating all around.