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UPC Codes Disappearing From Product Records

New Contributor


We have several different Shipstation accounts. One of our accounts that processes about 200-300 shipments per month has chronic issues with product records changing. For instance, saved image URLs and UPC codes will vanish from the product record field. At times, when using the scan function for picking verification, the UPC code will have extra zeroes at the beginning, or fully disappear. We've had a case open for weeks/months, and it's supposedly at the developer level, though we receive no resolutions or updates.

At the time, we thought it was simply an account-specific issue. But recently, we started using the scan feature with our main Shipstation account (over 2000 orders per month). A bit over two weeks ago, I put UPC codes in the product records. Slowly but surely, UPCs are also falling off in this account. I can pull up an order from 2/9 with "SKU A" - UPC shows perfectly. Now, if I pull an order from 2/12 with "SKU A" - the UPC field is empty. There's not a trace in the "activity" field of the product record being changed.

Getting to my wits end on what to do. Tried contacting "Enterprise Support." I have given countless examples/screenshots to support the original ticket. It's very difficult to use the scan workflow for accuracy when you have "exploding" UPC codes on a daily basis.

Are others having the issue of product records having information just disappear, such as image URLs and UPC codes?



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We've had the issue of UPC and customs info records disappearing as well and have also not had any success yet working with support.

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The workaround seems to be to use the "override the imported name" on each SKU. I did that on our products, and pictures and UPCs stopped falling off.