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2023 Price Increases - 2X for Enterprise

We just received the notice that the price for our current Enterprise Level account would be doubling from $159 to $324 a month. The price increase includes a subscription increase to $229 and then another $95 to access our existing carrier accounts ...

shipping54 by Occasional Contributor
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Needed: Store Access Permissions Per User

We definitely need a way to control access to different stores on a per-user basis. One specific instance where this greatly affects us in in regards to our test/development store, where we create and manipulate orders for testing purposes. We have s...

isaac7 by First-timer
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Hi Shipstation forums.Is anyone aware of a workaround in regards to fulfilling orders for multiples of a product, particularly when the product comes in a carton containing multiple units in the carton as well as being sold separately?For example;Pro...

New Rates

Has anyone else done the math on the new subscription pricing? We have and with the new charge for printing labels from our own carriers our cost monthly cost has increased over 1,000%.We have been with ShipStation for over 12 years and since they ha...

r_hudson by Contributor
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Shipment and delivery emails suddenly stopped sending.

Hello, About two weeks ago my shipment and delivery emails suddenly stopped sending even though nothing has been changed in my store settings. I have it set up to send an email when the package hits the mail stream (I use UPS and FedEx which support ...

TylerM by New Contributor
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online returns portal

the order look up page for the online returns portal needs refinement. we have many customers who call and complain that they can't generate a return label. this is not a form we have the ability to change at our end or within the shipstation app? we...

online return portal zip code.JPG
wendyg by New Contributor
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Invoice for Added Funds ?

Hi, does anyone know where to find the invoices for Added Funds?I asked the Shipstation support, I was told it was here : Insights > Reports > account balances > all the transactions listed as "purchase" are all funds added.But I have no transaction ...

ssebti by New Contributor
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My Subscription Won’t Update

I keep getting an error that won’t allow me to select a subscription tier. It allowed me to cancel my subscription, but it won’t let me now select a subscription tier at all. It just says “Failed to change billing plan, please try again.” I’ve tried ...

KirstenH by First-timer
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Resolved! Unable to select a subscription plan

Last night I received an email that my Shipstation account was cancelled for non payment. Its true that the CC occasionally reaches its (low) limit but I check and there was sufficient balance for the bronze fees. So I go into the user back end to re...


Option to change currency in account

This has to be a feature in Shipstation. All of our orders are in USD , and there is no way we can convert all into CAD just because region account is based in Canada. Please let us know if there is any plan to implement this. I know this feature has...

Accounts and splitting accounts

Hello!I currently have a Shipstation account that I use for my main business. I have two additional businesses that ship as well. Is it possible to have separate "accounts" set up for each business that I can add funds to individually with a single l...

NewGuy by First-timer
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3rd Party Shipping on UPS

Greetings, We have a customer that requires that we use their UPS account for all packages to them. Since ShipStation's UPS account does not support 3rd party shipping we created a private account to accommodate our customers' requirements. We have a...

MarkW by New Contributor
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ShipStation and WooCommerce UPS questions

Hello,I have moved my business to another state and my online Woo Commerce website is still operating on the original setup in the old state, so the shipping rates in the checkout are not correct.I do have our original UPS account number entered into...

Ronmail46 by New Contributor
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Shipping Account changing when new service is selected

We have 35+ warehouses shipping orders each with their own shipping account with default service, package and the shipping account to match the assigned warehouse. When the warehouse packs the order they may change service based on the actual box siz...

ErinHBCS by Occasional Contributor
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Old layout vs new layout

My first impression:I'd love to keep using the old layout till some real improvement in the new is done.Shipstation did a great job in that version, but needs a little more effort in their UX development.After using it a bit, I am liking it so far......

VKN by First-timer
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Customs Information

For international packages the custom declarations appear on the new scan to print tool however once the label has printed the customs information disappears and is no longer visible. We have had over 40 packaged being returned back to us as the cust...

hm by First-timer
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Is support closed or off for Good Friday?

I have tried to reach someone in support numerous times today and still haven't gotten a response. Would anyone here know if they are off or out of the office today? Maybe someone here could offer some insight to my issue. I am trying to renew/change...

RONC by New Contributor
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Just ship for discounts

I received a free trial in the mail and I do NOT want to integrate my private, secured online store. I just want the shipping discounts. Is there no way to actually just create a label to get the discounts without violating security and privacy and i...

Bulk printing order alerts

We always bulk print packing slips and labels but recently the popup alert that warned us that we already printed packing slips has disappeared. As you can imagine this is leading to some major picking/packing issues. I attempted to seek help from sh...

Mia4 by First-timer
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