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Allow for Shipping Cutoff Times to be selected for individual carriers

New Contributor

Being able to select different shipping cutoff times for different shipping carriers will make life easier for shippers and carriers. Most all companies use more than one carrier to ship packages. Our company, and many others like us, utilizes pickups with all of the major carriers. Having the ability to set a shipping cutoff time that fits best with each carrier will allow for better record keeping and preparation from me and my company. It would also ensure that carriers are getting accurate information that doesn't warrant extra work for them (like scanning in hundreds of packages with wrong ship dates on them). The simple feature would eliminate the tedious need to manually change shipping dates when shipping packages and the frustration that comes along with trying to coordinate pickup times with different carriers. By simply being able to select different shipping cutoff times, I can keep my team and the carriers, that take care of our precious cargo, happy.