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Missing Batch


I processed a batch today and after hitting continue my batch cleared and it says o now. It's not showing up in my print queue either. I know sometimes you have to refresh or log out and in due to server lag. But I am unable to locate it anywhere and the customer service is also having trouble. Has anyone ever had this happen to them before??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



If ALL your other orders are in batches, and orders are only in one batch each, and you have not removed them from those batches, an option would be to go back through all recent batches, apply a tag (eg 'IN_BATCH' or something) to all the orders in those batches, then filter by date (make sure you have gone far enough in the batches to go past the date you are filtering by) and search for orders which DO NOT have that tag. Those should be the orders that were in your batch. 

Note that from the main page you cannot filter by negative conditions for tags (does NOT have flag) and will have to go 'Saved Filters -> Manage Filters' and create a filter to do that. 

I found my mistake. When I hit continue for some reason it un-batched the order.  I was just worried I had lost them all together. Thank you for your response!