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Automation "Adjust Order Weight" not functional.

I have several automation rules set up with the action "Adjust Order Weight" and I cannot get it to work. The criteria are being met, the log shows the rule as "applied", and the other actions in the rule are working, but the order weight is never ad...


Hi Shipstation forums.Is anyone aware of a workaround in regards to fulfilling orders for multiples of a product, particularly when the product comes in a carton containing multiple units in the carton as well as being sold separately?For example;Pro...

adding order tags

we need the ability to attach order tags onto orders when they sync into shipstation. we use shopify and orders have order tags already but not sync over into shipstation. in speaking with one of the shipstation support agents that is not capable and...

wendyg by New Contributor
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API Create Order - Correct Store ID

Hey all,I'm looking for some help/insight into an issue I'm having importing orders to the correct manual store.Background:My company has set up manual stores per client within Shipstation. The clients place their orders on a google sheet and we impo...

SamQSM by New Contributor
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Integration for CS-Cart newer than 4.6.3 NEEDED

CS-Cart 4.6.3 was released October 31st, 2017 and they're now on 4.17.2 with Multi-Vendor versions now (like ETSY with multiple sellers).CS-Cart has dramatically grown since 2017 and many software owners are in need of a new module that'll support th...

agtred99 by New Contributor
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BFPO, Why remove?!?!

Can some please help me to understand why the ability to create labels for BFPO address was removed??We, as a company, have been shipping to BFPO addresses with Shipstation for a few years (a bunch of our customers are Military people) but out of now...

Flip 8.5x11" labels

We use sticker paper labels for 8.5x11" format and the only default is the label at the top. For our more common workflow, we use them printed at the bottom, so incorporating ShipStation into our company is causing more work as we have to create the ...

abe117 by First-timer
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Looking for silent install options for ShipStation Connect

Hi, I have an IT-related question regarding ShipStation Connect. We need to silently install and deploy ShipStation Connect to multiple users. We use a software deployment tool called PDQ Deploy. I discovered that the "/S" parameter works great for t...

Bfost by Occasional Contributor
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Customs Declarations - Bulk update QTY

I have spent a few hours with your Customer service to try and get this problem fixed and there is no way to do it according to them. I have 1900 orders that were part of our first Pre-order. The system automatically processed everything but did not ...

form update.png

Automation Rules Not Being Applied All The Time

Hi team,I've noticed that occasionally my automation rules are not being applied. I used to never have this problem. But now the only workaround is to refresh my orders, then go to automations and reprocess the rules. Then everything gets fixed. Is t...

hkalebjian by Occasional Contributor
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filters not working

After the new layout very few of our filters are working. The problem being that our users DON'T KNOW the filters aren't working, and are missing critical processes because shipstation simply returns a full screen of all orders or a blank screen. Thi...

Automatically Select Cheapest Rate

Hi everyone, I was wondering what people are doing to automate the process of having the cheapest rate selected? I know Shipstation has some automation that assists partially in this, but looking for how people handle this. It would be great if Ships...

Inventory Managment

Hi. I wanted to know if anyone could help me with the ability to change the 'on hand' and 'available' under inventory. For example, we have 1854 available for one of our products, but I want to change the 'on hand' to 1750. We would like for SS to de...

Screenshot 2023-09-15 085005.jpg
BrandonT by New Contributor
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Auto route labels to correct printer

It would be great to configure certain carrier lables to particular printers. I.e. all express service to printer from Printer 1, which has pre-printed express labels. all carrier services to print from printer 2.

ChrisB1 by First-timer
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Automation - Select 3rd Party Service

In order for us to grow dropshipping, we need a way to automate the service selection to the 3rd party shipping account to avoid errors. It appears that there is an option to select the service within the automation rules, however, the service list o...

lindsay2 by First-timer
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SKU Override for Orders Pulled From Sales Channels

Our ERP system is pulling all orders from ShipStation, and using the ShipStation interface for label printing and packaging. All of our orders are pulled from separate different sales channels. Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce, our product SKUs contain...

Jakgun by First-timer
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Export Orders Automatically

Is it possible for Shipstation to set Automation Rules that allow the user to export orders automatically to a csv file on a specific time with set criteria for filter?Or is it possible to Orders to be synced to a Google Sheet and allow export of ord...

Puffy by First-timer
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