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Filter by Ship date

New Contributor

Hi all,


I would find it very useful if we could filter by the shipped date in the Orders -> Shipped menu. We can already choose this field to show as a column, so please allow us to also filter our table results by this as well. 


Thank you.


Frequent Contributor

I don't understand why it isn't set up to be able to filter by every column available. Why is ShipStation deciding which way we need to sort orders?

Occasional Contributor

Yes, this is maddening to me. I have to go back to the old layout every time need to sort by columns in the returns section, even though I prefer the new layout.

New Contributor

@jeremy_S-and-S I agree, if the information can be included in an export we should also be able to manipulate it within their own environment. I'm sure this was just a development oversight and no malicious intentions were behind it.


@willie83 I have to do the same thing. I was hoping the ability to choose ship date in the columns would have been solved in the new layout but I became disappointed very quickly.


Hopefully an admin will pick up on this thread soon.