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Auto-Split Shipments Against Ship From Locations


With the new Auto-Split feature, orders split based on the Auto-split Option dropdown (see attached 1)

This is fine, but creates an extra step when it is time to print.

The order containing items with this flag split off by themselves, and must be re-combined. In example (see attached 2), Shipments 2-7 are orders containing items that need to be broken off from Shipment 1, so they have the option highlighted in Attachment 1. The items with this option then need to be shipped using a different "Ship From" location, this is also assigned within ShipStation on a product-by-product basis



 I would like to request another Auto-split Option, "Split to New/Existing Shipment" The feature could split based on "Ship From" Locations

This would save massive amount of time and effort on the work-flow and allow us to fully utilize ShipStation's features

We are having to re-combine a consistent percentage of our monthly orders, those orders can sometimes change package type and weights depending on size, and do not go though our automation rules, because of the re-combination.


Thank you so much for reading!



Hello @logan_elkins!


We love your great idea! Please keep sharing your thoughts—they are critical to our continuous improvement.


Happy Shipping!