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Unable to select a subscription plan

New Contributor

Last night I received an email that my Shipstation account was cancelled for non payment. Its true that the CC occasionally reaches its (low) limit but I check and there was sufficient balance for the bronze fees. So I go into the user back end to restart the plan and everytime I try to pick a plan (Bronze is the one I need) it just gives me an error pop up that says "Failed to change billing plan please try again". I have tried three different valid credit cards, three different browsers, restarted the shipstation site, restarted my computer. I put in a help ticket but it appears it wont be answered until business hours monday and im crippled in the meantime.


Anyone else have this issue? Related to the site changes maybe?



I am also facing the exact issue you are highlighting - I believe this is a ShipStation bug and hopefully they can get it resolved soon


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Y'all did exactly the right thing by putting in a ticket, like you mentioned, for this sort of error message. If you're ever having troubles logging in or updating your subscription plan, we want to check into that right away!


Thank you both for your patience during investigation.




From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!