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Shopify Returns & Exchanges & Fulfillment of 2nd shipment?

Does anyone know how to solve this issue around customer orders on shopify that are initially sent to shipstation & fulfilled, and then the customer wanted to return some of the styles and get exchange for correct size so we select in shopify return: item 1 and 2; exchange for item 3 & 4; then shopify says this item is on hold until customer returns the items and then when we get the return we hit a button on shopify orders that says send to fulfillment but this "exchange of items that needs to be shipped out" is not sent to shipstation so we are then unable to have it fulfilled unless we manually make the label or created a second order in shopify that doesn't really make since? So how do I get that exchange (2nd shipment on same order) to be sent to shipstation from shopify?
I have a pic but it looks like I can't send screen shots here


Did you ever solve this? We're having the same issue.

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Crucial feature!