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WooCommerce Setup

Trying to connect WooCommerce and get error message: The remote server returned an error: (308) Permanent Redirect. I am not able to find any information on this.

DRStowe by First-timer
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Integration of CedCommerce with ShipStation

We would love to see the integration of ShipStation with CedCommerce. Our primary objective is to utilize the inventory and order synchronization functionalities across various marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay and Shopify. For instance, ...

GoWith by New Contributor
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Integrating Amazon

I am trying to connect ShipStation to Amazon. I ma getting a message back from Amazon that I do not have permission to view the page. Does anyone know which permissions I need on Amazon to make the connection

BrianC63 by First-timer
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Change Units Of Measure on Shipment

Hello,When shipping different kinds of quantities, it's tough for the 3PL warehouse to know if it's a box, case, carton shipping. We ship by the box vs case in our products. In Netsuite, we have on the Sales Orders as a case, but it imports into Ship...

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 1.10.03 PM.png

Resolved! Amazon Custom Feature Integration

Original post from user Gerardo Carmona Hello, We would like to see a feature where Shipstation can import text based customization information for Amazon Custom orders. These are listings that the customer can personalize their product through a pre...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Magento 2.4 extension not working (Solved)

Trying to integrate Shipstation with Magento 2.4.4. The extension is version 2.3.1 from the Magento marketplace. I'm getting the following error in the admin area. Deprecated Functionality: error_log(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($message) of type...

Swappart by Frequent Contributor
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TikTok Shop/Costco Ecommerce Hub integrations

Hi. We have added TikTok shop and Costco E-Commerce hub to our list of where our products are sold. It would be extremely helpful if we could integrate both of these sites with ShipStation so that we are not wasting inputting time on orders. Does SS ...

s_taylor by First-timer
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Resolved! Custom Return Label Didn't Download

I created a custom label through RATE BROWSER. After the information and carrier were entered, I paid the shipping and chose "DOWNLOAD LABEL". No label was downloaded, although the funds were removed from my account. There is a history of the transac...

YBD by First-timer
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Shipping Cost Updating in Inventory System

There needs to be a way to turn off ShipStation updating orders in Cin 7. We have orders that we ship out with free shipping and sometimes with a return label. The system updates the shipping cost and then it invoice's our costs for the shipping cost...

SuzieQ12 by First-timer
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CS Cart Integration

Hi all, I am a new user and having a very hard time integrating my CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Marketplace with ShipStation. Every time we test the connect to CS Cart we get an error message "Invalid XML. Error: 'Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, p...

Isabella by New Contributor
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Shopify Integration Slow for the past month

Howdy,Making a post since the incompetents @ support keeps telling us it's "expected behaviour"!For the past month, Shipstation has been extremely slow in updating from our Shopify store. A refresh that would take 5-30seconds now takes 5-10minutes.We...

mail11 by New Contributor
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Amazon TAX / VAT being added to order total

Hi, Amazon includes the tax/vat in the item price but orders from Amazon are being imported with tax added on. e.g. Product £10 that already includes £2 of tax but Shipstation is importing the order total as £12 which is wrong. How can I stop this? T...

jk47 by Occasional Contributor
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Store ID changed from Int to GUID

Hey all, it looks like Shipstation has switched the Store ID from being an integer to a GUID, at least from what I can see in the store setup area.We set up manual stores for each of our integrations with our OMS and have previously used the ID that ...

LEAP_Bob by First-timer
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Importing Currency of Payment

It would be really nice and extremely helpful is Shipstation supported multi currency imports. Right now everything imports into Shipstation in the currency of account (for us this is Canadian dollars), which is extremely frustrating when we ship a l...

Toja by First-timer
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