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Shopify Re-sync Order Changes Besides Just Quantity

Occasional Contributor

This is related to other posts about the Shopify Exchanges feature, but another way to put it is to allow the order details inside ShipStation to resync with the order details inside Shopify. Currently, the only changes that resync are changes to quantity. If you need to add a new item to the order, or if you need to replace one item with a different one, those kinds of product changes do not sync back up to the ShipStation order details. This means if you need to do any changes like that, you have to create manual orders and it makes the record-keeping a lot more troublesome and adds a significant burden to customer support.

Related but slightly different note, we would like to have any order in Shopify that changes from "fulfilled" to "unfulfilled" or "partially fulfilled" status to also be updated in ShipStation so that it goes from Shipped to Awaiting Shipment status, ideally with something to indicate that the order used to be fulfilled but that something changed.