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Create a page break between packing slips

Occasional Contributor

I created a custom packing slip that works perfectly when printing individually. However, if I select multiple packing slips, they combine into a PDF so that they completely overlap with each other. How do I create a page break so that they each start on their own page? All the help I've been finding online includes a CSS solution, but I don't know if you can integrate CSS into the templater.

I've attached an image of the multiple overlapping packing slips for a visual of what I'm getting.



Occasional Contributor

Untitled design.png

Hey there @jaimes57


Thanks for including this screenshot to show what you were running into! 


While i'm not an expert in that packing slip coding process, I know we have some wonderful community members that may be able to help! 


I would encourage them to share their ideas/code to get around this behavior when printing out packing slips 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!