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Import Orders from CSV file with Customs Declaration Information

New Contributor

Hello is there a way to import customs declaration information when we import orders from a csv file? There doesn't seem to be a mapping option for this and we end up having to input manually the item type, country of origin, harmonization codes etc for all our shipments after the orders are imported.


We send a lot of orders to Canada and this would eliminate a lot of manual work for us. If this feature doesn't exist we'd like to request it!




Frequent Contributor



Me too. It used to work before they forced this nightmare build on us. I swear, I have had to adjust multiple workflows around this new build. Bugs abound. Labeling batches is now broken, not broken, broken again.


When I uploaded CSV files in the old build, the declarations used to carry the value $. Now I have to manually do 100+ international orders. Which is also made harder because they disabled being able to key up/down with the arrow keys for things like labelling, etc. Now you have to tab to have it accept it, click on the next thing you want to do. Etc. 


Which by the way, I manually set all the values on 75 international orders. Then ran (the ONLY) bulk option for updating international orders and the type and return options… and it randomly deleted about 2/3 of all the values I had just set. Either that or I didn’t key out of the value box the way they require now. No idea what that might be becuase it did save 1/3 of them.


This build is awful. Hate it. Always have. 

Thomas Romer

New Contributor