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Barcode Scanners

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I am looking for recommendation for a barcode scanner. We are looking to implement one that will work best with scanning the UPC barcodes on a label and then scan the UPC barcode on the actual product to make sure our pickers and packers are picking and packing the right items. Any suggestions?! Thanks in advance!





Hi @oliviabands - I purchased this one from Amazon about a year ago, and it's worked fine with no issues. The only (small) thing is that the USB port to charge it on the bottom of the device isn't in the same direction as the device's handle, it's at a different angle, so it takes a few seconds to plug it back in until you notice the direction isn't aligned as you'd expect.

From Amazon: Inateck 2.4GHz 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner, 2600mAh Battery, 60M Range,

We use this for scanning the packing slip, scanning the item, and then scanning the "Print to Scan" barcode so that the shipping label prints out.

Thank you so much for your help and assistance. I will check that barcode scanner out!