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Adding page break to packing slip

Original post by user Ned Miller How do i add a Page Break to the end of a packing slip template? I want to add an additional page with marketing, but i want the original packing slip to remain intact.

SarahATX by Moderator
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A4 Page Size - Packing Slips

Original post by user Stuart Cameron There is a considerable difference in page size when comparing EU A4 against the US Letter Page format. I'm loosing an Inch of valuable space from the bottom of my packing sheets. Is there any reason this format c...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Packing slip [Field Replacements]

Original post by user Stuart Cameron Is there a HTML [Field Replacement] for Required Delivery Date? This is arguably as important as the ship by date. Also, is there a [Country Code] Field Replacement? If there is not can there be? Thanks Stuart

SarahATX by Moderator
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Adding order numbers to each page of a packing slip?

Original post by user Angela Olson Is it possible to repeat the order number on each page of a packing slip? Sometimes our orders can be multiple pages. If orders get mixed up, if each page has the order number, it is then easy to sort through pages ...

SarahATX by Moderator
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A custom packing slip template with room for notes and adjustments

Original post by user Rodrigo Sagebin **Order Header**

Packing Slip
[Store Company Name]
[Ship From Address]
Ship To:
[Recipient Name]
[Recipient Company]
[Recipient Address]
[Recipient Phone]
[Scan Order #]
Order #

SarahATX by Moderator
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Make entire packing slip bold

Orgiinal post from user Mike Adelmann Can anyone tell me how to make the entire packing list BOLD print? We just started printing the packing list on 4x6 labels and they would look better in bold. I cannot seem to figure it out. thanks in advance. PS...

Needs Assistance: Automated Weight Issues

Originally posted by Andy Lehman I am selling fishing jig heads online. The heaviest one is less than 2 ounces and I have set it up as such on ShipStation. However, when customers order 3 or 4 packages, the system automatically sets the package weigh...

USPS Insurance is not available for your account

Originally posted by Darin Shock Whenever I try to add insurance over the $99 (that's included with shipping USPS Priority), I get an error that states "USPS Insurance is not available for your account". I then cannot properly ensure my orders. I did...