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Walmart taking long to sync

any one else realize that Walmart sync to shipsatation take a long time or doesn't syns at all evey other day only hae the problem with walmart not amazonor ebay

ozie27280 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! group by selected service?

I would like to figure out how to get my shipments to come up grouped by their selected shipping method every time I open shipstation - instead of having to manually select that each time. Any suggestions? there used to be a way to chat with a rep an...

Reports missing data.

Oddly enough there doesn't seem to be a *single* comprehensive report that can be downloaded (by users) that has "all" data that would be applicable to auditing shipments effectively. If I'm mistaken please correct me.When navigating hundreds of line...

Customizing the Item Options field

Just wanted to drop this here for anyone wanting to do what I just did... customizing the "Item Options" field on a packing slip.--We use our packing slip as a visual guide in the warehouse to help us pull the correct items with the appropriate sub-i...

BenC by New Contributor
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Auto Purchase Postage - uniquely versus static

Before the latest ShipStation upgrade, my user could print labels without having the Permission to "Purchase Postage". The user would tell me when they were running low, and I added funds. Easy. Now the user must have the Purchase Postage Permission,...

Karri by New Contributor
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Product labels

Does ShipStation have any function to create and print product labels? Our labels include text and a UPC code. We are currently using BarTender to create and print our labels but it is not the best solution. Thank you

Marking orders completed in WooCommerce

About a week and a half ago all my orders within WooCommerce stopped being marked as completed. Shipstation still uploads the tracking info but the order has to be manually marked as completed. To clarify, this process has worked fine for the past 19...

Ron by New Contributor
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Default Printer reverting to Always Prompt

I know the documentation does say that the Print To settings are user specific and browser specific. However, for one user on one browser after setting the default printer every time they come back in the settings are back to Always Prompt. How can t...

scmsteve by Contributor
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Creating a return label not associated with an order

We sometimes have to send customers return labels not related to orders previously shipped on ShipStation. The existing process is cumbersome and confusing: click on Rate Brower -> start creating a fictive shipment from your location with fictive pac...

Resolved! Additional "services" on marketpalce orders

We offer our customers additional services such as "add a catalog to my order," or "notify me if items are on back order," and the option to rush an order for an additional fee. On the checkout page, the customer checks the box next to the option or ...

Resolved! Order Header on each page of packing slip

How can I set up my packing slip so that the order header detail prints on each page? If this is not possible, can the order number be printed on each page of the packing list?Is it possible to add page numbers to packing slips?Thank you

Very basic question

Can shipstation be used solely as a shipping platform without importing orders ? I've been pointed to shipstation to try to live demo it without any integration or order import. We have carrier accounts that have been connected. Everything I see seem...

GlassGuys by New Contributor
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Resolved! Hidden Save Button in Live Delivery Option Setup

I just discovered the new feature to integrate live shipping rates with my site (Wix). I've just tried to add a "delivery option" and when I select "Live Rate" the screen expands and the save button disappears. I've tried completing the screen and sa...

Mejecs by New Contributor
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Processed Batch screen shows as Open Batch screen

Last week, out of nowhere, every Processed Batch screen started looking like Open Batches look (see pic). I've reached out to Support, and sure enough, it looked that way to her as well. It's now "been escalated to our product team for resolution," b...

processed batches.png

Buggy Batches & Combined Orders

Is anyone else having problems with Batches or Combined Orders? Starting last week I've had a really difficult time with Batch functions not responding, taking almost double the time needed to process orders.Specifically happens when I'm moving order...

Multiple Package orders- Needs Multiple Packing Slips

Lately, we've seen an increase in need for a feature that allows orders with multiple packages to have a packing slip for each box. As most of you know I'm sure, for a carrier to re-label a box in case the label is damaged or somehow removed, the car...

HorseGuard by Frequent Contributor
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List All Location Availability

It seems at least one of the main purposes of ShipStation is to ultimately send orders to the location that has available inventory. I constantly find myself having to memorize which of our 6 locations has the inventory or slowly scroll through the S...

GSC by Occasional Contributor
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Product import not fully imported

I tried importing my products using the csv file and although the skus are imported, the SKUAlias aren't.I made sure the format is exactly as required by creating the SKUAlias manually and exporting the csv to copy the formatting but when I import it...

Address verification, postal zip code error

I have automatic address correction disabled for our Amazon store so that I can manually review and update each order with an address error. This morning I noticed that the majority of our Amazon orders had an orange warning due to invalidated addres...

kayla-zk by Contributor
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Shipping lithium batteries

Has anyone run into this as shipstation doesn't have a choice for shipping Lithium Batteries in the Other shipping Options under the shipping info.

tmay by First-timer
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[Solved] ShipStation Connect

Update:It is fixed after I changed the password.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi guys, I am...

PPE by Occasional Contributor
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Hello, We just started using Shipstation with out Etsy shops and have assigned SKU's to all of our items however some of the items were imported to shipstation before and I was wondering how I could change the SKU number on the product because it doe...

atolye by First-timer
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Amazon Australia Fulfillment

Hi guys,hope you are wellI notice we have Amazon US and CA fulfillments available but not Amazon AU.. can we please add Amazon Australia to the list? They have recently started their Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) order function on the Australian sit...

alimudar by First-timer
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