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Re-Shipping an Existing Order


Now that we are forced updated to the new SS system, I have found quite the problem in my current workflow and wondering if anyone else has figured it out.


I have shipped a customer an order and the product was damaged in shipping. Thats not the customer's fault so I have re-made the product and went to re-ship the order like normal. Now in the new update when you click "Create a New Shipment" it creates a secondary shipment attached to the order BUT it does not pull any existing information of the product needing to be packaged. It just says "This Shipment Has No Items". When you then print the new label, there is no SKU, description, price, NOTHING. And its just blank. How is my fulfillment team supposed to know what to grab off the shelf? In addition, since it has no items, my inventory is not getting tracked.


I reached out to support team in which they state its a current limitation...


Thats a pretty big limitation in which its a basic function of shipping. It wasn't a limitation on the old system. In my mind, if you are RE-SHIPPING an order, it should auto-populate the existing shipment content with a feature to remove each SKU incase your shipment had multiple items and you only needed to replace 1 item.

My only thoughts on a work around is manually having to create a new order and hand put in the customer info and the item info.



Yep. Another lousy new “feature”. This build is terrible and was from the very start when let us test it (and apparently ignore all our feedback). 

Thomas Romer


I have the same issue. We've been using Shipstation for about 10 years and have rarely encountered process issues. V3 is causing a few as they attempt to add "features" and change workflow. Shipments are of course sometimes lost. When they are, it used to be very easy to reship by using the Restore function. Now we can create a second shipment but it defaults to no product and also no declarations. It's a total pain. Today we encountered another related issue. An order was processed for shipment but then the label was voided to make a correction. Because the first label closed the order in Shopify, Shipstation moved the order back to Awaiting Shipment with 1 item but 0 as the quantity. It indicates that our marketplace made this change. Sounds like another improvement that is complicating a basic workflow. 

I think it would take me hours to compile and organize all the complaints I have with this build. The ZERO items thing is yet another on a LONG list of lousy features. Pull sheets will say ZERO items now when you print them when they are really not zero. Why would anyone ever have a shipment with no items? Why is that even possible to do, not to mention that it does this by default if you add another shipment to an order. 


What sense is it that I cannot move an item from another shipment to another? Here are several reasons anyone might need to do this:


  1. Customer says one item was missing. Need to ship it as part of the closed out order
  2. Item is not available and you forgot to split it at the time you made the order.
  3. You want to send an existing customer a complimentary additional item after having shipped the main order. 
  4. Customer needs to change the size of an item ordered wrong. 

I mean, none of these are RARE in shipping orders. But ShipStation? Let's just make it blank. Or they need to manually start from scratch and make a new order which takes 10 minutes and is not linked to the original order in anyway. 

Which also reminds me. I noticed SS only remembers addresses and customers imported from your platform. If you make a shipment in SS it doesn’t remember those customers or addresses. Makes sense it would not recall the one YOU MADE THERE.

Thomas Romer