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Should be Beta, not only option - too buggy

Frequent Contributor

Now I've discovered that ShipStation v3 will randomly sign me out and then reset ShipStation Connect settings. I just changed my printer back but now I can't get the scale to be recognized. The last time I had to restart my PC, looks like I'm back to this mess again. I'm wondering how many orders are being sent out by users with incorrect weights. 


Occasional Contributor

I had the same problem, resets atleast twice a day and I had to reset all my printer settings each time but that somehow got fixed. Also had the same problem with printing labels, I wasted 3 hours trying to fix it myself, finally called tech support and it was almost 2 hours with them with remote viewing to solve the issue. I have no complaints with tech girl,  but how bad is the problem that it takes almost 2 hours to fix. 


Another issue I noticed the last 2 days, I'm  very sure the labeling and pricing is wrong. I'm sending parcels that I know I can not ship for that price. Everything looks correct, it gave me a price but once I print the label the shipping cost changes, it drops. It looks like it is not including the Insurance for the order. So a $400 item might be only insured for $100. 

Frequent Contributor

Same here. Sometimes I've noticed the pricing changes each time I hit refresh, even if I haven't changed anything. So how do we know the final price it's showing is the price we were charged? Just more wasted time with V3.