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Sample Packing Slip Template Giving an Error

Hi, I'm trying to download a sample packing slip template so I can create my own, but I get this error every time I click for sample: {"Errors":[{"Message":"Object reference not set to an instance of an object.","ErrorContext":null,"Code":"Unknown","...

Tracking Status

Hello ShipStation,I like ShipStation very much. Really! It solved many problems that I had to manage my shipments. Thank you so much for that!But I want to suggest one important feature that will help me a lot too.I use 3 different warehouses to ship...

Screenshot_23.png Screenshot_24.png
Leonardo by Occasional Contributor
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Search results by order status

I often do a search for a SKU and want to see all unshipped orders, which means those with order status Awaiting Shipment, Awaiting Payment, or On Hold. In V2 I could search for the SKU, adjust the "order status" checkboxes, and quickly see everythin...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Removing Tags via Automation

Hi, Right now it is possible to add tags via automation but not possible to remove them. This would be useful for us to "nest" automations without creating 100s of them. As an example, in some instances our team needs to choose the packaging size in ...

Canada tax collected

Hello, I have an Etsy store. For Europe orders, Etsy collects VAT and when I purchase the label from Shipstation I have to include the tax payer number. Recently Canada is collecting Provincial Tax too. On the order it just shows me how much was the ...

Reni by First-timer
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Adding Support Chat feature within my ship station login

I would like to suggest that the chat support feature window be included in my ship station desktop interface, many times I find it difficult to find exactly what I am looking for in the help section or database for exactly how to fix the issue I am ...

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 4.50.54 PM.png
RCW by New Contributor
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Import orders as split

I would like to suggest a feature where orders can be imported as split rather than combined and having to split them manually. The new version is cumbersome when splitting orders and very slow. I have tried clearing cookies and all that stuff and it...

loriw by New Contributor
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Bulk Update Weight

I can't seem to get the weight button to work when trying a bulk update. The weight button will read my scale in a normal shipment.


Combine shipment

In SHipstaion documentation I found the description of the Combine Shipments feature: If you have multiple orders you wish to combine into a single shipment, use the Combine Shipments option. Combine Shipments allows you to combine items from separat...

michaelr by New Contributor
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Create Return Labels for FBA?

Our client wants to email Shipstation return labels to customers for products that were fulfilled through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. According to this (

od2o by First-timer
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Email Support Request Immediately Marked as Solved?

I just submitted a support request via email. Shortly after, I went to My Cases to add some additional relevant information. I was surprised to find my support issue there, but marked as "solved." This was approximately 10 minutes after I submitted t...

Austinite by Occasional Contributor
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Package Preset as Automation Action

Our company ships items that are too large to combine. They ship as single units, but we must go in and split this shipment into multiple packages manually. We would be grateful if there was a way to automate this task, like setting an order with X q...

ChrisCross by Occasional Contributor
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Edit checkout for Lightspeed

Hi, all! I currently use Lightspeed for my e-comm - and am definitely too deep now to change over to another platform - but noticed that there is a Checkout option within ShipStation only available for Shopify/Wix/whatever else that allows you to edi...

bharris by First-timer
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Inventory Management

Does Shipstations inventory management feature adjust when multiple stores sell the same item? I have my WooCommerce and eBay shipping same items and I want to be able to have my inventory adjusted automatically when something sells on either platfor...

NEV by Contributor
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Resolved! Scan to verify requires to press enter on keyboard?

Every time that I scan an item within Scan to Verify page, it doesn't verify the item until I scan AND press enter on my keyboard. Yet every once in a while when I play with either the shipping and or the verify page, Ill go to scan an item and... BL...

NEV by Contributor
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Restore should be brought back

Since the new dashboard it here the one big issue I have is that Shipstation removed the "Restore" order button. We need it back. Pain in the butt if we have order go missing or order gets damaged. You can add the order back but now you cannot add th...

Djayroe76 by New Contributor
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Shipstation down?

I just upgraded to the new shipstation this morning and we have been having issues since - is it ShipStation or is it the upgrade? anyone else having issues today?

Cannot Contact Support

I am trying to reach support. I'm logged in, so I click on Enterprise Chat and the little chat bot does nothing except send me to articles related to my issue. The problem is the articles aren't solving my issue. So I'm trying to chat with support, i...

HearingHelp by Occasional Contributor
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