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filters not working


After the new layout very few of our filters are working. The problem being that our users DON'T KNOW the filters aren't working, and are missing critical processes because shipstation simply returns a full screen of all orders or a blank screen. 


This occurs on multiple systems using multiple ISPs in different locations around the world. It is not a local problem. The problem begin the moment we were forced to the new layout.


This has been reported TWICE to shipstation, and our tickets have been marked solved thanking us for our 'feedback' without addressing the fact that shipstation now has VERY LIMITED functionality compared to just 48hrs ago. ZERO effort to actually address the problem, or offer any kind of solution. 


Shipstation is not a free service, and we do not get paid to beta test software which clearly needs more work.


Thankfully we have already begun the process of moving to orderdesk - we recommend other shipstation users find alternatives.



same issue here with filters not behaving as expected


Well they are aware of it now - we are waiting on a solution. We have requested to be rolled back to the legacy version as we've already spent significant time just proving to shipstation that the problem exists and can be easily replicated.


We showed customer service how 2 identical filters with a simple rule 'contains no tags' can produce wildly different results. Also how simple filters requiring 'order includes tag A' AND 'order does not include tag B' does not produce the correct orders. Any automation rules based on filters is also failing.


I'm not sure they understand the severity of this problem, which has always been an issue with this software - it is not built by people who use it hence the pointless 'upgrades' every couple of years. Filters are the backbone of automation and processing orders. They not only don't work, but they are failing without triggering a fail warning - so it could be a while before many shipstation users begin to realize orders are not being processed/created/picked/shipped correctly and emails/marketplaces/warehouse/stock notifications are not being sent - by which time it could be VERY costly and if their marketplaces have late penalties it could shut them down.


It amazes us how something so vital to shipstation has not only been broken, but forced on paying users who likely have no knowledge that the reliable processes they built on previous shipstation are quietly failing in the background.

Update after over 1 month of reporting this problem - nothing has been fixed.


Filters are still broken.


Shipstation does not care - find and alternative and cancel your subscriptions ASAP.


After 2 months some responded to our ticket and marked it as solved. 


It took 30 seconds to make a simple filter proving the problem was not solved.

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same trouble here