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Leaving Ship Station and staying with Shipping Easy

Occasional Contributor

I've contacted support and they are also unsure why we keep getting resets for a simple task of a label printing correctly. I currently use Shipping Easy, Pirate Ship, Shippo, and occasionally Etsy's internal setup for small stuff.

We ship 15-20 shipments a day throughout the year, and it goes up to 1,000 during Xmas - so won't have time for integration issues.

1. Label configuration keeps changing to "Always Prompt". Expectation is it uses App to print directly to DYMO Label Printer. This configuration works for a day, then gets reset. Basic thing here. In 2 years, never had issue with Shipping Easy on such a basic setup.

2. Integration issues with Shopify that keep recurring. Super basic thing that even Shippo gets right.

3. Rules - minor issues when dealing with multiple shops (just stops) and odd feature of missing variant information outside Shopify with Etsy and BigCommerce.

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 8.09.16 AM.png