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Allow Adhoc Label + Packing Slip Printing

See my image, it's pretty straight forward. I dont want to go into the settings to be have to print label + slip for each order.I need the printer to print like this:Label + Slip, Label + Slip, Label + Slip Instead of Label, Label, Label, Slip, Slip,...

Shipstation suggestion.JPG
Jarmabox by New Contributor
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Make entire "Order Summary" text bold and bigger

Can anyone tell me how to make the entire "Order Summary" BOLD and BIGGER for printing? After print out it is coming out faded and some part is hard to read. The part that is coming out faded are "customer inputs" for personalized orders. The title a...

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-01 at 8.58.31 AM.jpeg
Mustafa by First-timer
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Shipstation Connect on Win 11

On a new computer with Win 11 on it, Shipstation does not work with a DYMO M25 scale. My old machine has Win 8.1 and the scale works fine with it. In settings / Shipstation Connect, the scale 'seems' to work fine in that the DYMO shows up in the list...

dstrenz by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Multi-package Shipment problem

I am clicking the Multi-package Shipment and adding 2 boxes. When I save and close, the information is not saved and the "package" section resets to "Select package"

john4 by Occasional Contributor
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ebay Migration. Any Takers, Yet?

We got a pop-up today telling us we need to migrate to the new ebay integration. Any takers, yet? Any issues?

imix4u by Contributor
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Package tracking

It would be ideal if ShipStation had a way of tracking the inventory of shipping packages. We've set up all our pre-sets with the box sizes, if there were another field for us to enter a starting inventory of those boxes, and decrement every time an ...

LorinL by First-timer
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Glitchy barcode reading in Scan to Verify & Print

We have some products without barcodes, so we have created QR code labels that also redirect to the product's web page, and we have their urls in the Fulfillment SKU field. The same issue I'm about to describe also happens with shorter Alphanumeric S...

Shipster by Contributor
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Paste addresses in manaual order

Since being forced to move to the new version, we have lost the ability to paste addresses into an order when adding manual orders. This is now very time consuming. When speaking with the support desk this works for USA addresses but when we are a cu...

Packing slip sorting

Why in the world would we have a sort by warehouse location that doesn’t actually sort by warehouse location? my locations are numbered 1-3000. The system prints, for example, locations 103, 1042, 104, 1051,1066, 107, 1278, 129 etc. It clearly cannot...

MultiBox Shipments for Returns

Currently we can send multi-box shipments through UPS etc but returns do not support this. This makes it far more expensive for us to have returns shipped back to us than it was to send them. It seems that this just hasn't been implemented in the ret...

TelCan by Occasional Contributor
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QuickBooks integration not working since update

Is anyone else experiencing an outage with the QuickBooks integration since the update? It will not perform imports since the UI was updated.It does not save my store selections.It says imports have been performed and then nothing happens.I have trie... (3).gif (4).gif

Automation Rule for Holds

Hello! Is it possible to put an order on hold for a couple hours? I only see that we can only put orders on hold for days at a time. Is there no way to make an Automation rule? Maybe we can enable something that allows us to hold for a couple hours o...

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 1.04.44 PM.png
Bryan21 by New Contributor
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Filter by only specific SKU

It would be helpful if we could filter orders by those containing ONLY specified SKUs. So for instance I want to find the orders that only contain 1 of item A and 1 of item B. More specifically it would also be helpful to broaden that to only 2 of it...

doug5 by New Contributor
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Shipment Confirmation Email

Hi there!My customers didn't receive a Shipment Confirmation Email from ShipStaton. When order marked as Shipped.And I did not receive a Bcc email for shipping confirmation. This has never happened before.Can you fix this please?

Customized Grid Columns Reset

I like that I'm able to customize the visible columns in the grid, but frustrated that these saved preferences reset every time I log out of ShipStation. I use "Tags" for all of our shipments, but have no use for the "Batch" column. So every morning,...

MarketPro by New Contributor
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Custom Field on Shipments page

I would like to request the ability to view data in the Custom Fields on the "Shipments" page. We like to print the shipping manifest, however we are not able to add the data we use in Custom Field 1 to that manifest printout.

search function

I'm having issues with the search function in the new version of SS. When I used to search, it would only search in "awaiting shipments" when I clicked in that tab, which is what I want. But with the new version, it now searches everything; so it's p...

danielle3 by New Contributor
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Lock in edited shipping address

I suggest that if we edit a shipping address, there is feature to NOT have it overwritten by the Marketplace or any other way.Our shipping department does not have edit permissions in WooCommerce and since any data in WooC overwrites the data in Ship...

Bryan5 by Occasional Contributor
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Inventory Related

Shipstation needs to be able to email or have a pop-up that tells the person in which is using shipstation that the therehold he or she has set is below that mark. Adding this feature will help multiple companies to never lose track of inventory and ...

Darlene by First-timer
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Split order

Hi guys, i want to split an order with one item SKU: TEST001 and qty = 12 to 12 orders of 1 each inside ship station ?how can i do that?

tran by First-timer
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