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Easy UI/UX Fix: Placement of Printing Popup Notification


Since being pushed into the new layout, we've had the occasional issue of having the Print action button in the upper right getting blocked by the Printing Popup Notification.

Here's a screenshot of an order:

Screenshot of OrderScreenshot of Order

 There are frequently times when we'll need to print both the label and packing slip from the upper right button. The issue is that once you print one, the popup notification blocks the button from being pressed again (screenshot below). Just bad UI/UX design as it creates a need for the user to click again or just wait. 


Standard popup placement blocks the Print and Batch buttons.Standard popup placement blocks the Print and Batch buttons.

 I've raised this issue in the past with various support techs and in this forum I believe with no resolution, so I finally took it upon myself to fix it:

  • Download the Styler Beta Chrome extension (I'm using it with Brave browser)
  • Add the following code:
    .notification-manager-WQzfjHl {all: unset; left:50px;}
    Note: this part of the CSS WQzfjHl may be specific to my account, so you may have to find this portion of the tag within your account and modify it to fit. 
    Look for this code:
    <div id="notification-manager">
       <div class="notification-manager-WQzfjHl">...</div>

This successfully moves the popup window from the right where it blocks the action buttons, to the left side of the screen as pictured below. It's a bit sloppy as the window dropshadow stretches the full width of the screen, however, it does allow the Batch and Print action buttons to be active while the Printing notification is active. Much more friendly to the end user!

A bit sloppy, but better UI/UX layoutA bit sloppy, but better UI/UX layout