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Email address change on shipped order


The previous Shipstation software allowed you to correct the customers email address after that order was shipped. The new software will not allow that. The customer order came over with an incorrect email address on it via customer imput. After printing the shipping label I received a "failed" notification on the shipping notification. I tried to push the edit button (like before) to modify/correct the email address and there isn't any "edit" button now. Per Shipstation the new software does not have email edit abilities anymore. Has anyone else had this issue come up? Can you please add this to future revisions to the software? 


Occasional Contributor

I am dumbfounded why Shipstation does NOT let you edit customer information.  Its not unusual for a customer to typo either the address or the email address on their order.  When I try to edit it in Shipstation to correct, it does not have any ability to edit AT ALL!  Now future orders may go to the wrong address again if the shipping person just uses the previous record.  So many issues that NEVER seem to get fixed.  Come on Shipstation!, fix these issues.


not being able to update & edit the email address after the package has been sent has been a severe hassle, and I hope SS reverts back & allows us to make these changes. My customers are unable to receive their tracking info because they accidentally input an incorrect email at purchase.

Hello @onionman !


Thanks for the great idea! Please keep sharing your thoughts—they help us improve. While we can't promise this will be developed, your ideas are more than welcome!