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Shipstation Removes 'Best Rate' feature

New Contributor

Having been a loyal ShipStation customer for 5 years I quickly set about porting my account to my new company and setting up ShipStation to integrate with a division of their business.  It's been a game changer and 2023 was a solid year of growth both sales-wise and operationally - in part due to the integration of ShipStation to our workflow!

We have 5-6 of our own freight accounts set up in our profile.  We ship everything from small single boxes direct to consumer to multi-box shipments to retail customers.  The simple 'Best Rate' feature that I had come to rely on for several years has (as of yesterday) been turned off following a fairly innocuous support ticket about something unrelated.  I have been pushing for ShipStation for the larger division of our business and noticed their instance of the program did not have the 'Best Rate' feature so as a secondary support question, made the mistake of mentioning it.  The support member asked for my account where I had this feature to which I obliged, I was told this was a beta feature no longer in development and as of today, it has been turned off on my account, pretty underhanded..

I remember being sold on the Best Rate feature way back when, this to me was the moment I decided I needed ShipStation! Why would you turn off that feature? Makes no sense at all.  Now I have to manually trawl through all of the freight options to find the cheapest one??  On top of that I am being told there is a new feature in development to replace it but its for high-shipping customers only (over 7500 per month) we're not close to that..

Really uncool from ShipStation, a company that I happily reccomended to anyone that would listen.  Is it just me or is this feature something that others were using before having the rug pulled out from under them?