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Is Shipstation counting orders marked as shipped as a shipment?


So we have our monthly service covered by UPS under the digital connection plan. That means Shipstation bills UPS for the cost.

We get 1500 shipments a month before we cap out.

We aren't shipping 1500/mo through shipstation. What we do is run our UPS shipments with our accounts through shipstation and then our USPS and UPS ( Amazon's UPS account) through Veeqo. 

So when shipstation downloads our orders, some are already marked shipped because we shipped through veeqo.

It looks likes shipstation is counting the veeqo shipments as part our 1500 limit. 

We're capped out even though we didn't ship 1500 this month on Shipstation. 

Is anyone else having this problem using both veeqo and shipstation that shipstation is dinging you for your veeqo shipments and counting them as shipments in shipstation?