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V3 / New Interface / Request for features to make the ShipStation platform useable again


Awaiting Payment Status

Ability to enter package information when viewing orders in the 'Awaiting Payment' status. The Order Detail screen is extremely limited now and doesn't allow creation of packages for the order.


Customs Declarations for International Orders

Please bring back the old version that had the Customs Declarations laid out under the products and listed row by row rather than top to bottom as it is now.


The old version had rows and columns for quick/easy customs entry (I don't have an actual screenshot, but it was located just below the order items).


The new layout has customs declarations listed in the right column and each product/item in the order needs the declaration to be filled out from top to bottom. This is entirely too tedioius, especially for shippers who send a lot of items overseas. Thankfully, we only have international orders a couple times per week.


Occasional Contributor

I second this - I fill out many hundreds of customs declarations forms (In addition to FDA prior notice with manual annotation of the customs declarations) and this alone (I timed it) just added 2 more hours to my 80hr/week workload.


I understand that the designers/devs are but-hurt about the communities feedback, but I'm actively looking for a replace to shipstation as it's clear we're not heard. It's been YEARS without any solve for being unable to authenticate DKIM/ SPF records for shipping emails for example.


By the way Safari has some  basic, yet critical CSS issues, way too much room in the container where the order items are, leading to it being unreadable. Please go check it out to see what I mean.


This release is not ready for production.

I agree 100%. Been using SS for 8 years. Went from the best to unusable.  Let me know who you find yo change.


Previous SS developers - please open a new company because current developers are clueless.


One of MANY, MANY things that are terrible now in the new build. Also, I used to be able to get some values into customs through CSV upload. No more. Totally disconnected and I know from having worked with programmers — fixing that would take an hour of one programmer’s time. It would simply add a new variant to the already existing function that could fill all the values on the customs form. It was not great in the previous version, but I know it at least looked at another existing value when uploading to fill in the declared value. THEN you also need to manually click on each order, scroll and manually add the value to each item. You can’t even arrow key up and down from each order anymore. I have no idea what people with 100+ international orders do. 


Other than use a competitors service instead. Which is my next move. 

Thomas Romer