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Please reverse the update.

New Contributor

Hello. Today found the really inconvenient thing after the update.

So now when you click on order in shipstation it doesn't display the full title (full name of the sold item). In order to see it you must hover the mouse over the name and wait a little bit. We identify the item by that name, we are not using SKUs or other identifiers, so for us it is extremely inconvenient and takes longer to work with order. We need to open order and hover the mouse over the title several times per order. Please remove this new thing, cause it is inconvenient for lots of sellers. The title used to be visible all the time before the last update. 






Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm sending this over to one of our product managers to review. 

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx


This same issue has added significant time to our fulfillment process and also increases the odds of making a fulfillment error.  We sell clothing and obviously need to send customers the correct item size and color.  With this recent change, we are not able to see the item size needing to be fulfilled without hovering the cursor over the item title and waiting for the full item title to show up.  If this is not corrected soon, we will, unfortunately, need to find a different shipping SW provider.  Please fix this issue soon.




Thank you for your patience while I looked into this issue. 


I had one of our product managers look into this and they advised me that this is a bug that was introduced with a recent update. Our developers are aware and working on it. This issue affects how the item name appears both in the Items section of the shipping sidebar and in the Items section of the Order Details screen. 


The fix for the Order Details screen is in code review now and should be released soon. The sidebar issue fix will follow shortly.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

Occasional Contributor

Here's a small list of how terrible the "improvements" are.    EVERYTHING they touched is WORSE.... and I mean, MUCH worse. 


Here's a short list - there is much more, but this all I have time to write right now. 

1)  Labels take FOREVER to load - it says "Purchasing label from Carrier" and that takes like 15 to 20 seconds for the label to load.   And that doesn't count printing it... that's just sitting there waiting for the connection to take place so we can then print the label.

2)  We used to be able to hover over  a customer's name to see if they had purchased from us before.  Now you can't do that.  You have to click on their name.   Then a window pops up and shows you previous orders.   But you can't click a link and look up an old order like you used to be able to do.  Now you have to literally type in their name and search from scratch.   That is a HUGE deal for us because we are always looking up old orders.    Unreal that they eliminated this feature.    Oh, and when you're done clicking on their name, you then have to close the popup window.   So it takes two clicks and a search for what used to be a "hover and click" operation.

3)  Carrier/Package selection takes MUCH longer now.   The font is HUGE now and you have to scroll down to see the shipping / carrier options.  It used to be easy to select the package / carrier, but now you have to do a ton of scrolling and it's just a pain.  Not efficient, nor fast.   It's like they made this for someone 85 years old and partially blind!!   Unreal!!! 

4) Similar to #3 - the HUGE font makes it hard to see the whole list of items purchased without scrolling down.   We also now have to scroll SIDEWAYS to see everything.  The price they paid is usually chopped off so we have to scroll horizontally as well as vertically.   This is all time wasted!! 

5)  The notes used to show up when you clicked on an order.  Now you have to click on the note to read it and then close it out.   That is unbelievable!! Another time waster!!  

6) Notes used to be highlighted with a blue icon so my people could readily see the customer left a note.  Now it's a nondescript gray color and much easier to miss.   Doesn't jump out at you like it used to.   Again, another step backwards. 

7) The nice RED highlight on all quantities >1 was really nice.  Now it's a pale yellow and doesn't stand out very well. 

8 ) They take up so much of the screen trying to show you the original item "cost" that it crowds out other details.  

9) NO CHAT anymore.   I cannot for the life of me get to the chat window any longer.  They tried their best to keep us from getting CHAT support a long time ago but this time it looks like they just eliminated it for good.  


Never, never have I seen anything this bad. If they won't roll us back to the previous version we are leaving.  If I don't my people will just outright quit on me!  That's how mad they are!!