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Re-enable V2 already


There are so many complaints about V3 and customers are using your forums to discuss switching to various competitors.  Maybe it's time to allow going back to V2 while the problems are fixed in V3?



Yes, please!  Things that worked great in the Legacy version no longer work in v3, and when you open a ticket, they tell you to submit your issue as a New Idea to improve later versions. We're not asking for new improvements, we're asking for bugs to be fixed.

Occasional Contributor

It literally takes me twice as long to go through the label creation process. There are so many major issues. I'm looking for alternative app... and I've been a SS user for years!


Sooo many extra steps just to do what was so simple before. V3 is really a step backward.


Hi everyone! 


At this time, we're committed to moving forward with the new layout. We understand there’s some functionality from the previous layout that many users would like to see, and we're doing our best to gather that feedback. If these missing features keep you from shipping, I encourage you to reach out to our support team. You can reach them directly at or through the app itself. They'll be best equipped to investigate and walk you through potential workarounds for your business. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


I think a lot of issues that are being raised are not differences in functionality or missing features, but bugs, or, at the very least, oversights from your developers.  

Here are a list of posts about bugs and incorrect behavior, NOT differences in functionality:


I have been told in the past to take these issues to the forum.  I will start directing them to the support team instead.