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Resolved! Printing issues - labels print super small on a 4x6"

Hi fellow users. Does anyone have this issue, and any solutions? We use Shipstation Connect to our Dymo 4XL printer to print 4"x6" lables, and recently it started printing super small. The image print size would fit 9 images on one label, which makes...


Hello all! I have created a custom packing slip with our logo and highlighted quantities above 1. However, when I print the orders out for the day, it only gives me the option to print one per page. It allows me to print two per page only when i sele...

Dustinator by New Contributor
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Can you copy an Automation Rule to create a new one?

Can you copy an Automation Rule to create a new one? We set up a lot of automation rules to Tag and set the Ship From Location by State by Sku depending on the Location our inventory is available, and which warehouse location is closest to that state...

GSC by Occasional Contributor
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How do I obtain a report of each time I add funds, the date and the amount each time add funds in order to purchase labels?

trobaz by First-timer
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Amazon Buy Shipping - Splitting Orders (SP-API)

We have to ship each item separately as our items are "oversized" and cannot be combined. Before the SP-API switch, we were able to split our Amazon Prime (Buy Shipping) orders in ShipStation. Not multiple packages, but split orders. This would integ...

Customs form to New Zealand

Hello, Is there a physical customs form to print and sign when shipping to New Zealand from the US?When creating the label, I see a Customs Declarations section (description and value) to fill out but when I purchase the label, I cannot find any addi...

JonO by New Contributor
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info on label

Is there anyway to get the product sold onto the shipping label or the order number on the shipping label, or if I want to add a QR discount code to the label...

pjdevore by New Contributor
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Import orders in Starter plan

Is the Import orders from csv file not available in the Starter Plan? We used to have a higher plan but just didn't need it at this time so we switched to the starter plan. Now we noticed that the Import order function isn't available in the drop dow...

jmartz by First-timer
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Custom Packing Slip Issue

For whatever reason, there was a "bug fix" that now makes my packing slips not work the way they are supposed to. The 4x6 slips that were always "fitting to print" on our 8.5x11 paper has html that was exactly what I need. The "bug fix" now took away...

Import Product Service

Is there a way to import Product Service orders from Square Space? I have influencers that need to enter their shipping information but if I create a physical product, then they will be charged a shipping fee. My current remedy to this is to create a...

Packing Slips template

any body have a sears Packing Slips templet i can copy to ship station had no luck on sears to findPacking Slips templet little confusing for me i dont know html to make one

ozie27280 by Frequent Contributor
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Split After Order Restored?

So, we often have returns that we process for our customers. We then will restore the order to then create a new shipment for the order so it is awaiting shipment. We are, however, not able to split the products into a new shipment. This only creates...

Shipstation Connect Not Installing Properly on Mac

Mac Mini running Mojave 10.14.6 SC used to work just fine on this machine, then the old Rollo printer broke and was replaced with a Godex. Could not get it to show on SC. So I uninstalled SC per this page:

GCE by New Contributor
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Learn how to build API

Greetings I am a service provider and have an API team, but really need to learn this myself. I have gotten far enough in postman to make a get request for all orders, and an individual order. But struggling to learn. Any suggestions how to learn thi...

Combined order functionality issue

We recently had an issue where 4 orders were combined instead of the intended 3 orders. The combined order was "marked as shipped" and a customer provided tracking # was added. Later, I realized that 1 of the orders needed to be removed and shipped e...

matt19 by Occasional Contributor
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Custom Shipping Preset - Hotkeys

I have mentioned this multiple times to Support, however there is still no to fix. The Custom Shipping Presets Hotkeys feature does not work with Mac.. On the legacy version you could use control as the first key, but now with the new version you can...

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 8.47.26 AM.png

Ability to do PARTIAL UPDATES of orders via CSV

This seems like it would be such an easy feature to implement. If I want to add something to a Custom Field in bulk to a lot of orders, there is no easy way to do it. I would LOVE to just import a CSV with the internal OrderID and the text I want and...

dave12 by New Contributor
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Order tabs

Newbie here. On the Orders page, there is what I assume is the default tab called "All" which displays all orders. How do I create additional tabs next to "All" and use them to separate orders into helpful tabs? I understand there is a Batches option...


API Documentation and error.

Hi everyone,I'm new user for ShipStation, we received a exception sometimes with Deserialize json object probably any record broken at production. I running in my dev test with the same configs files and I don't receive any exception after run to man...

LucasDj by New Contributor
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Inventory Management

Whats the point in Inventory Management if it doesnt update stock on the selling channels that the orders come from?It means that you have to update all selling channels daily with stock levels??

4x6 Label Issues Started Today

Starting today, when printing to 4x6 Shipping labels (with no changes to our configuration or drivers) labels are now starting 1in down the label and pushing over to a second label. We are also experiencing an issue where it will print an inch down t...

Charging for Duties

Seems ridiculous to me that Shipstation can't charge for import duties upfront on Shopify and display that exact price in real time to the customer. Easyship can. Only reason I'm not using Easyship is because their UI is garbage, but will continue to...

ShipStation letting Users know when there is an issue

Wouldn't it be great if ShipStation would send out a mass email letting it's users know when there is an issue? I find it very annoying to wait for a chat (although when I am 48th in line it does give me a clue) to then be told:but since this is affe...

r_hudson by Contributor
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