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What will tomorrow's shipping cost be?


UPDATED to add: Shipstation has just told me that I will not know what my USPS rates will be until tomorrow, after they have already been changed.

This is the first time in over 10 years of being a customer that I am flat out disappointed in Shipstation. I cannot research the new shipping costs to find out how the changes affect me. I can normally do this by changing the shipping date on the order and the new postage rate will be shown. Nothing changes this time. Shipstation says this in an article about rate increases:


• Priority Mail® costs will increase by an average of 1.5%, with Zones 1-2 seeing steeper increases.

• Ground AdvantageTM costs will decrease by around 5%, with Zones 1–5 seeing more significant drops.

So other people have said that on marketplaces they are paying 60 cents more for flat rate envelopes, but I can't see any changes -  I am currently chatting with someone at Shipstation and their answer was a copy paste from the article. Then I explained that I need to know hard numbers, and they say they understand, but the hard numbers will depend on various things and they ADVISE I EVALUATE AND PRICE SERVICES TO MAKE MY DECISION.  I replied YES that is what I am trying to do, but I can't wait to do that AFTER the rates have changed. 

They told me to go to the rate browser and I can see prices there. Yes I can, but that is today's prices. Not tomorrow's prices. Same thing for a test order, I don't see any price changes for future dates.


Can ANYBODY help? PirateShip has happy customers, Etsy has well, dissatisfied customers but at least they know their flat rate box is going to cost 45 cents more and can make adjustments to their shipping charges.