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Customs Declarations - Bulk update QTY


I have spent a few hours with your Customer service to try and get this problem fixed and there is no way to do it according to them. I have 1900 orders that were part of our first Pre-order. The system automatically processed everything but did not add the QTY to the Customs Declarations. l so now after troubleshooting for a while, the only answer is to manually update all the orders... OOF. See the screenshot can we please have a batch that just looks at the QTY of products and updates the QTY of the Customs Declarations automatically? we are going to be doing many more of these Pre-orders and it sucks to devote a day to just clicking on a QTY to update evreything. 

form update.png



I have to add that I have seen a similar post from 2021 that has a similar issue to mine. 3 years guys can we please get a fix?

New Contributor

same thing here. this is weird not to be able to bulk update this.  update in international shipping settings and product settings (toggle apply to open orders on) don't work either.  they don't seem to retroactively apply to any existing / imported order.