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UPS Additional Tariff Charges and Customs Declaration Order

New Contributor

A customer brought to our attention that they were being charged increased rates by UPS for something called Additional Tariff Charges.  Upon further investigation as part of our agreement customer declarations lines 1 - 5 are included in the price of postage anything above 5 attracts a charge.  Since then we have tried to amalgamate products who have the same HS code and price so we can try and reduce the charge for them, otherwise it will seriously impact our international business.  We thought everything was working well then I happened to go back in to a couple of my old orders and noticed that Shipstation had changed the order I had entered the declaration items.  I had purposely loaded the most expensive items in the deflation 1 - 5 and then left the lower priced items in 5 and above so the percentage of fees would be lower.   When pointing it out to Shiptation they advised its because we have set Shipstation to populate the customs from on our behalf.  Populating the form is fine but why can it not populate the form in the order we entered it, it feels like it's being done on purpose so carriers can levy more fees.  Has anyone else had this issue and if so have you managed to work around it?  I was told to turn it off and create our own customs forms but that is just not feasible 



Hello Sammo79!


Thank you for your post. You gave excellent detail. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with ShipStation. The carriers themselves format this, so it makes sense for you to reach out to UPS so they can possibly assist you. With your standalone UPS account, I am sure they will be able to help you. 


Thank you and Happy Shipping!