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Make it easier to repopulate customs declarations

Shipstation does not do a good job of maintaining the customs declarations when orders are merged, split, or edited - I will often be ready to ship an order only to find that the customs declaration is empty, or includes items that are no longer on t...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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International problem at just before the purchase

I'm having an issue at the point where I have selected the postage method and purchase the stamp. It gives me an error after I select purchase and tells me to refresh or come back later. It never works no matter what. Has anyone else had this issue?

Baity by New Contributor
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My Subscription Won’t Update

I keep getting an error that won’t allow me to select a subscription tier. It allowed me to cancel my subscription, but it won’t let me now select a subscription tier at all. It just says “Failed to change billing plan, please try again.” I’ve tried ...

KirstenH by First-timer
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Problems when combining with partially shipped order

I have an order that was previously split and partially shipped. So this order has one shipped shipment and one unshipped shipment. I needed to add an item to the unshipped half. I created a new order and then combined this new order with the unshipp...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Feature Request - User Order in the drop-down menu

As the system is right now, we don't have a way to control the order that each user appears in the drop-down menus. Impact: In our company we have some users who are assigned to a lot of orders, and by an unlucky position she is the last one, every t...

Purchase Error

Hi, I'm trying to make a shipping label though PayPal, and I keep getting this message saying "Purchase Error - Error creating label from rate. Please refresh the page or try again later." I accepted the auto-correction of the shipping address, and I...

Not showing variations

Shipstation is no longer showing variations. We sell items on Ebay and Amazon that you have to choose the color or size. This info no longer shows up in shipstation. We have to go to Ebay and Amazon and bring the order up to see what color or size th...

larry43r by First-timer
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Combined orders all marked as paid

I have two unpaid orders that I had combined into a single shipment. I clicked on one shipment and clicked 'Mark as Paid'. This let me enter the amount that was paid for that one order. However, this marked both orders as paid, the one I had opened a...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Tech Support on Strike?

Is SS tech support on strike? The tech chat function has not worked for two days, and when it finally worked this AM we were #1 in the que and after 15 min when no one came on the chat it closed out. There has been no response to our tech ticket that...

sales95 by Occasional Contributor
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Can't use Browser search to find orders anymore

I used to be able to search for an order using the browser search, but now it just sees the left hand panel and can't search the actual orders.This used to save me a ton of time instead of scrolling thru the page of orders or using the search functio...

JamesH by Occasional Contributor
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Weight not accepting two decimal places?

We use a Walz Scale that measures and weighs the package. The scale sends the weight in a format that uses two decimal places. The previous shipstation version would convert 3.50lbs to 3lbs 8oz. The new version handles 3.50 OK and also converts it to...

info644 by First-timer
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QuickBooks Online Integration Broken?

So.... the QuickBooks Online integration ( has been hit or miss for a few weeks now but today I tried to export orders and it just sits on the page with a spinning circle not even l...

5CeA4 by Rookie
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Re-Shipping an Existing Order

Now that we are forced updated to the new SS system, I have found quite the problem in my current workflow and wondering if anyone else has figured it out. I have shipped a customer an order and the product was damaged in shipping. Thats not the cust...

cflora by First-timer
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"Move order to another batch" doesn't work anymore

I have an order that is currently assigned to a batch. I open the order and assign it to another batch. I get a message that says "0 shipments are already in a different batch. Are you sure you want to move them to ?" I click "Yes, move these shipmen...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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ShipStation API

I'm trying to create a personal internal tool for my dad to make it easier to manage his ShipStation orders using ShipStation API. Does anyone with experience using ShipStation API know what happens when using the split order function in the dashboar...

Keep V2 of shipstation

This is not a problem of getting used to the new layout.There are serious issues here that are almost making it unusable.Why not let us continue using it while you sort out V3?!

nick by Occasional Contributor
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Should be Beta, not only option - too buggy

Now I've discovered that ShipStation v3 will randomly sign me out and then reset ShipStation Connect settings. I just changed my printer back but now I can't get the scale to be recognized. The last time I had to restart my PC, looks like I'm back to...

Paste US Address is BROKEN

When a customer informs us that they have a different address, we copy it and click Paste US Address. Why do you DELETE THE CUSTOMER'S NAME when we paste a new address? Now we have to go back to the Marketplace and COPY THE CUSTOMER'S NAME AND COME B...

Dave by Occasional Contributor
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New Layout

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old layout, so why fix it?I happen to be in a position where we have 2 shipstation accounts, the first in the old layout and the 2nd stuck in the new layout.Hands down, everyone here hates the new layout. T...

Bison by New Contributor
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Send notification from website

Hi, How to send notification from the website when order delivery is shipped?Customer got the notification from the Shipstation but website not send any notification email to customer. I want to send notification through website after order delivery ...

Please reverse the update.

Hello. Today found the really inconvenient thing after the update.So now when you click on order in shipstation it doesn't display the full title (full name of the sold item). In order to see it you must hover the mouse over the name and wait a littl...

neral by First-timer
  • 4 replies
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Any Updates on adding bundles/kits to 3PL

I was told a year ago when the 3PL bundle package launched that Ship Station was going to release the bundle/kit feature, what is the latest update of when this will happen? Also since Ship Station is advertising they are a Ecommerce 3PL software pro...

Amber7583 by New Contributor
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