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ShipStation Connect - Constant bugs

We've been using Shipstation for 4 years now to ship all of our ecommerce orders. Naturally we use the Shipstation Connect feature to make the process of printing shipping labels and packing slips more efficient. That being said, we encounter connect...

EmilyM by Occasional Contributor
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Editing Customs Forms after a package has been shipped

HOW IS THIS NOT POSSIBLE? Today I was contacted by a customer who said that we'd put the wrong amount in the customs info. He has to pay VAT on his end, so it's an important error to fix. All i need to do to fix it is send UPS an updated customs form...

LWC by First-timer
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Shipments Custom Export

When viewing my shipments on desktop, i can't export all the data for my shipments at once. When creating a custom export, the option to include my Shipment Number isn't available. However, it is available when customizing my columns ...

Split Shipment Filter For Reporting

ShipStation Support suggested there's no native way to filter shipments screen to only show orders that were split into multiple shipments. With how costly split shipments can be to a business and the feature recently receiving alot of "enhancement",...

KGStaff by First-timer
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EMail not working

We have been getting lots of reports from our customers that they are not receiving email notificaitons with tracking information. We finally got around to testing this and confirmed. We are currently integrated with:Amazon, Walmart, Woocommerce and ...

tremmert by Occasional Contributor
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My Subscription Won’t Update

I keep getting an error that won’t allow me to select a subscription tier. It allowed me to cancel my subscription, but it won’t let me now select a subscription tier at all. It just says “Failed to change billing plan, please try again.” I’ve tried ...

KirstenH by First-timer
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Different Size/Weight for Returns

When including a return label with an outgoing shipment, it would be great to have the ability to select a different package size/weight than the outgoing package. For example, our at-home test kit has a large 2 pound outgoing box, but customers retu...

Customs Declarations - Bulk update QTY

I have spent a few hours with your Customer service to try and get this problem fixed and there is no way to do it according to them. I have 1900 orders that were part of our first Pre-order. The system automatically processed everything but did not ...

form update.png

Resolved! Unable to select a subscription plan

Last night I received an email that my Shipstation account was cancelled for non payment. Its true that the CC occasionally reaches its (low) limit but I check and there was sufficient balance for the bronze fees. So I go into the user back end to re...


What happened to our Shipsurance balance??

Shipstation has replaced Shipsurance with Parcel Guard but removed all mention of Shipsurance while we still had a Shipsurance balance. What is going on?? Where is everyone's Shipsurance balance??

vcv by Contributor
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Create a Combined order via shipstation API

Is there any way to create a combined order via shipstation api? if in advancedOptions i set mergedOrSplit true and the merged Id and creates the order, it creates just a single order, not a combinedIt create this: instead creating this:

rafaelpolonio_0-1700658001473.png rafaelpolonio_1-1700658027022.png

Adding Inventory through Scan

Is there a feature anywhere that allows you to add inventory to the system through scanning a UPC/SKU barcode? We grow plants and manually count our inventory as we transplant. It would be helpful if there was an option to scan the items to have a mo...

Automation Rules Not Being Applied All The Time

Hi team,I've noticed that occasionally my automation rules are not being applied. I used to never have this problem. But now the only workaround is to refresh my orders, then go to automations and reprocess the rules. Then everything gets fixed. Is t...

hkalebjian by Occasional Contributor
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What will tomorrow's shipping cost be?

UPDATED to add: Shipstation has just told me that I will not know what my USPS rates will be until tomorrow, after they have already been changed.This is the first time in over 10 years of being a customer that I am flat out disappointed in Shipstati...

Crafty by First-timer
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Available Inventory Column in Order Window

We would love if there was an option to add an available inventory column to the awaiting shipment section in the orders tab. Some of our products are made-to-order, and some we keep in inventory, so it would be nice to see at a glance if an order ca...

acorngfx by First-timer
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copies copies copies

here we go again, ship station asking for 5 copies of each label. Every order sent to the rollo printer pumps out 5 copies. I have requested help , as I have in the past and get zero response. Last time it happened I deleted the program and started o...

EZswitch by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Default Packing Slip Template

Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to make the custom label template I've created the default for printing labels w/packing slip. The default order# barcode is too small for our scanner to detect for some reason so I enlarged it on the custom. Any...

EdTDCNC by Occasional Contributor
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