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New Layout has Fundamental Flaws

I need to continue with the Legacy layout because of fundamental flaws in the new layout. Chat support recommended I post them here. Here are 2 of my biggest gripes:1--The field is too small for the weight. The fraction of pounds cuts off when using ...

corlyle by First-timer
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Automatically Select Cheapest Rate

Hi everyone, I was wondering what people are doing to automate the process of having the cheapest rate selected? I know Shipstation has some automation that assists partially in this, but looking for how people handle this. It would be great if Ships...

Ship Date Error When Creating Labels

I have been having issues since late June/early July with the Ship Date when creating my labels. When I create my labels for next day, it's changing the "Ship Date" back to the same day...sometimes. This doesn't always happen. I've chatted with suppo...

Shipping Carriers

Is there a way (when buying shipping in bulk) for Shipstation to automatically pull the cheapest shipping rate (carrier) for the order? Is there a rule to set up that can follow this??

Invalid Postal Code on International Order

Hi, I'm trying to ship an order to South Korea and I continue to get an invalid postal code error. I've double checked the address with the customer, looked it up on google AND checked it against the Melissa database and it checks out as being correc...

Tracking for "Other" when you Mark As Shipped

We ship many orders with various LTL freight carriers. It would be be great if when manually marking an order as shipped I could enter a link to the carrier's tracking page where the customer could enter their tracking number. It would also be good t...

Dave70s by New Contributor
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Software Update

We just updated to the new version of shipstation this month. My staff was complaining and i though it was just because they do not like change. With some of the staff on vacation i was able to use to the new version my self. The new version of ship ...

Zero Help from Support

I've been having no luck getting help from support. No replies, no comments, nothing. Been following up - and it's crickets. It's impossible to get through to anyone there. No email contact, no phone number, the "chat widget" is always in maintenance...

David1 by First-timer
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Resolved! Getting help from shipstation

Hello,Can you see the so called "Chat" widget when you go to help section after logging in? The video shows that but not to me. Also, shipstation does not provide any phone numbers to contact. Does anyone have a solution to get a solution?

ozerke by New Contributor
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Combine shipment

In SHipstaion documentation I found the description of the Combine Shipments feature: If you have multiple orders you wish to combine into a single shipment, use the Combine Shipments option. Combine Shipments allows you to combine items from separat...

michaelr by New Contributor
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Add Custom Package Weight

Hey there,It would be nice if ShipStation added the feature to allow custom package weights. That way, when you choose your custom package, the additional weight will be added as well to account for the box and void filler weight. I understand that S...

Orders to combine not working

Is anyone else having the issue with order alerts not picking up on orders to combine? I can find them manually and combine them. But shipstation isn’t suggesting them.

Refresh Products?

We updated a few prices on our website (like I'm sure many are having to do these days) but when doing a manual order the old prices show up causing confusion. How can we refresh this?

Kennyd by Occasional Contributor
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Advanced Automations Lesson

Is it possible to have hold a webinar regarding the Automations? I love how they work, it makes everything much easier however I have a few that do not quite function as intended and I would like to see a more advanced lesson that moves past the whol...

Shipstation customer service - Very disappointing

Wow- for such a great product Shipstation has seriously dropped the ball on customer service! Today I attempted to log in and ship a few orders from the weekend- Log in was fine- BUT THEN............ The system kept asking me to change my subscriptio...

CW by First-timer
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Barcode Scan Actions Report

Since getting this working again doesn't seem to be much a priority for ShipStation (despite the fact that they seem to want to continue to boast about how easy it makes workflows) does anyone have any clue what the syntax is to create our own barcod...

VLTD by New Contributor
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Address type on packing slips

I am trying to get the address type on a custom packing slip template. It would be useful for when using scan to ship for a person to know whether to use FedEx home or ground without having to open the order at all and know which service to use. Is t...

Subscription problem

I am constantly being re-directed to Subscription Billing Information screen, to update my information. The problems are, one- that there is no information to update, and 2- I can't go to anywhere else on shipstation.

jpjames by First-timer
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View Tax Identifiers Assigned to Shipped Orders

Hi there, I need to apply my IOSS (EU) tax identifier to all shipments going to the EU. I have followed the directions on how to set this up in the new UI and I also have automations successfully in place so that all imported (or manually created) or...

Robert_M_0-1626893763328.png Robert_M_1-1626894750215.png
Robert_M by First-timer
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Edit Email Item List

On the email notifications, how can we edit what the item list displays or how it's displayed. We would like it to be QTY, Description, then Item #. Is this possible? Or can we have just the title of the product and qty displayed?

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 11.23.06 AM.png