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Crippling Limitation with Automated Returns

Our company was going to turn on branded automated returns portal but the one and only limitation is the most important to all retailers. Companies are limited to one return service option for ALL returns. This means you have to choose what could be ...

Just ship for discounts

I received a free trial in the mail and I do NOT want to integrate my private, secured online store. I just want the shipping discounts. Is there no way to actually just create a label to get the discounts without violating security and privacy and i...

Is anyone else wishing they never switched to V3?

We demoed V3 on and off for at least a full year and always reverted back to V2 due to a lot of impact to our workflow. Eventually we tried it again and then got trapped in V3. For one thing, every function seems to hang and make us wait when that ne...

Bobby_M by Contributor
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Packing slip label printing sequence

I would like to change the order my packing slips and label print. Currently it’s printing label than packing slip. I would like for it to print packing slip than label. not sure if anyone else has seen this issue but there was a check box to switch ...

Green by First-timer
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Resolved! Return label without Outgoing label?

I have asked this question before, without success. I want to print a prepaid USPS or FedEx label TO MYSELF, and send it to my customer so he can use it to send me a package of known weight and dimensions. I cannot figure out how to do so. I have ask...

doug1 by Occasional Contributor
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Missing packing slips in batches

It would be great if ShipStation and ShipConnect had the ability to verify the count of packing slips and postage labels when batching orders. We can batch any where between 20 to 200 orders at a time and lately we are missing either packing slips or...

r_hudson by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Automatically Select Carriers by Cheapest Rate

We currently send items using multiple carrier accounts, If we are bulk processing a batch of labels is there an option to automatically select the carrier based on the cheapest rate. Using the rate calculator to select this on an item by item basis ...

JJ23 by New Contributor
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Labels- More Label Sizes Needed

Has anyone else been receiving Thermal Shipping Labels for free from UPS or FedEx? If so, are you experiencing the issue where ShipStation only has 4x6 or 8.5 x 11 size shipping label printing options available in their system? We have been wanting t...

HorseGuard by Frequent Contributor
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PLEASE ! Add UPS Simple Rate into Shipstation

Hello develop team of Shipstation. USPS have Flat rate (that is really good for shipping). Fedex after that release One Rate service (yes, that is supported on Shipstation) And why you forget UPS? UPS have Simple Rate (this service have been over 2 y...

leeshin by New Contributor
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End of Day Reports

We will need to get the Federal Express Shipping Manifest- End of Day Report to display the barcode for all Federal Express orders that are being picked up from our warehouse, daily. We will need that barcode to confirm that Federal Express has scann...

ShipStation Connect unavailable/closed

Connect shows as unavailable. I have restarted several times, cleared all my cookies/cache in my browser, tried all three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge), removed the program, removed %appdata%/Local/ShipStationConnect folder, and reinstalled it...


UPS Pick Up Error

Anone ever seen such a UPS pick up error? Missing or invalid ServiceCode (Bad Request, Carrier Error Code: 9500509). (400, 802fda02-db65-4412-a706-97d9cc1eef4a)

TheodoreInd by Occasional Contributor
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Renaming Fields

It would be super helpful if we could rename fields. For example:Custom Field 1 - Renamed to PO NumberCustom Field 2 - Renamed to Vendor

imix4u by Contributor
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Archive and Hide or Delete Old Orders

We need to be able to choose a number of months of order history to keep in my account (6 months? 12 months?) and archive, hide, or delete everything older.At the very least don't include shipped orders by default in the default search.For example:I ...

Product Tab in App

Since the Warehouse Location is the only place you can currently store location info in Shipstation that appears on a picklist, we use this section to store our warehouse location info. When trying to figure out where to put a product, it's super eas...

image.jpeg Shipstation Website.png
LBouras by New Contributor
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New Feature Request

I would like the ability to notify customers who get our local courier delivery but the only option that comes close to what I am doing from Other Options / Mark as Shipped is to select "Dummy Courier".Would like to "add other" customize this to Loca...

Blair63 by New Contributor
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Filter to show orders with Address Validation issues

It would be great to be able to filter or sort orders in the Orders tab so that it's easy to see or find the ones with Address Validation issues. This would make it easier for the customer support team to ensure customer orders are being shipped out ...

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 4.40.10 PM.png
JenVelo by First-timer
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Feature Request - Returns Portal Customer Notes Section

When a customer process a return, it doesn’t say anywhere on the return slip what the reason is, nor does it seem to allow for any consumer comments such as “I’d like to exchange this for…” or what “Other” is, and the like. Would love to have the ret...

Please reverse the update.

Hello. Today found the really inconvenient thing after the update.So now when you click on order in shipstation it doesn't display the full title (full name of the sold item). In order to see it you must hover the mouse over the name and wait a littl...

neral by First-timer
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What is wrong with support?

I tried for like 30 minutes to contact support and can't get any. I can't find any option to chat with a real person just a bot. I can't even find a way to submit a ticket. What is going on with support??

Can't Contact Support (Bronze with no chat option)

I have a Bronze level account and I can not figure out how to contact support. There is no phone number, email address, or anything else. I'm supposed to have chat for support, but I can't find a way to do this. Can anyone offer some help?

Matt by New Contributor
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Print label without shipping

We would like an option to be able to print shipping labels without the order automatically being marked as shipped. Many times the carrier does not show up for days, but as soon we print the label the customer receives a notice that they have shippe...

SBatSS by First-timer
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Having more color options for Tags

Hello, In our label creating process, having the color tags are crucial for our speed and accuracy of shipping orders out. Each one of our skus has its own colored tag and its awesome to see all the tags next to the order #, name, date, info etc. We ...

Ek88V by New Contributor
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End of Day Manifest

Hello,I want shipstation to add filters in the "Close Shipment" view, so everyone can easily filter their orders which they want to close first.Let me give you a quick example. Let's suppose I have 100 Shipments and I want to close those who have wei...

Current View.PNG

Ability to Monitor Shipping Times

Apparently there is not a way to look at how long my carrier is taking to deliver my packages. We have a sneaking suspicion that our carrier dropped the ball this season and often took 4 weeks to deliver packages. We have no way of figuring this out ...