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Resolved! Adding Order tags to packing slip

I am looking to add a field on the packing slip that displays the order tags. We use order tags for a variety of things but most importantly we use them to notate whether or not a shipment is hazmat. We have the automation rules that tags orders with...

Why do useful features go away?

This is a serious question, not just me ranting. Until last week, when I set up a UPS pickup, the time options I was given were in 15 minute increments. Now they are in hour increments (see picture). This seems like such a little thing to someone who...


Error message....

I think this error message says it all.What are we supposed to do with an error like this?I'm so tired of a lack of support from Shipstation... I mean seriously, Shipstation?I have a lot more I'd like to rant about, but now that posts up here are bei...


Purchase Order put on hold automatic

HiI have a Shopify store some customers placed manual orders with a PO numberQuestion: it is possible to put an order on hold automatically if it is a Purchase Order (PO) in ShipStation? We can create automation rules in ShipStation that can automati...

Manpreet by First-timer
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has the support chat been disabled for anyone else

I am trying to receive support, but the chat button has been hidden. I am obviously logged in. I am able to find the chat in the source code, but it seems do have been disabled on the ship station side. For a service that costs so much per month, I h...

QTY >1 used to be highlighted

In the old interface when an order had >1 QTY of any item it used to be highlighted in yellow (see image) now in the new shipstation interface the QTY numbers are tiny and they are not highlighted when >1. Can you please make the QTY numbers larger a...

new1.png old2.png

Discount filter

please please add the ability to filter by discount. often times we use discounts to add a free product to an order. it'd be great to filter by discount and batch print orders so we know which orders need to include a freebie.

International Shipping Return Labels

We can easily make return labels for domestic customers. When will we be able to make return labels for International Customers? It's better if we can have a simple setup just like it is for domestic. If International customers want to return items, ...

Barcodes on the Order Summary report are unscannable

Our packers find it most efficient to print the order summary report for pick-pack-ship instead of individual packing slips.However, the barcode for the order/shipment ID on the Order summary report is un-scannable.When compared side-by-side to the s...

Barcodes Comparison.jpg

Resolved! Create a page break between packing slips

I created a custom packing slip that works perfectly when printing individually. However, if I select multiple packing slips, they combine into a PDF so that they completely overlap with each other. How do I create a page break so that they each star...

Untitled design.png
jaimes57 by Occasional Contributor
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Accessing Carrier Rates

I just joined shipstation and can't access the carrier rates because it says, "It appears that you might have tools installed to prevent third party tracking (like an ad blocker). To continue, disable these tools in your bowser then reload the page.....

Shipstation Address Validation Wrong

I recently had this happen 3 times with shipstation. The shopify order imports with the correct address, but once in shipstation it auto validates it and switches it to a "validated" address but the address is totally wrong. I've had 3 customers reac...

4D boxing algorithm

Would be great if you guys had a way to calculate suggested box(es) to use, based on product dimensions and box availability.Add a way to adjust the padding in the box and max weight per box. This would be huge in showing rates at checkout, and a big...

khardy by Occasional Contributor
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New Layout

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old layout, so why fix it?I happen to be in a position where we have 2 shipstation accounts, the first in the old layout and the 2nd stuck in the new layout.Hands down, everyone here hates the new layout. T...

Bison by New Contributor
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Anyone else having connection issues with Walmart?

I have been unable to connect to Walmart since around 6AM EDT today. It is an established connection for years (not a setup issue). I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I think its an issue at their end. Receiving this error message:A...

dean3 by First-timer
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Production Reports- Using custom fields and Shipdate

We are looking for a way to pull a production report. We will be using custom field 1 to put in our packers names- and run a daily report on their packages. We currently write these down on our order sheets and then hand count these at the end of the...

kdowell by First-timer
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