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Shipstation didn't notify Amazon stores regarding shipment of orders from Cyber Monday 2023.

New Contributor

Good time of day, everyone.

On November 28th, I closed orders through Shipstation for November 27th for Amazon accounts. Shipping notifications were successfully sent to Amazon, according to the information received from Shipstation. However, these orders did not register as shipped on the Amazon accounts. As a result, it's too late to resend notifications to Amazon because it would push the late shipment metric into the red zone, putting the account at risk of deactivation. I understand that this may be an error in the Amazon system due to the high load after Cyber Monday, but what should be done with these orders now marked as unshipped? I wouldn't want to lose Amazon accounts due to their own error, but pointing out this mistake to them might be challenging. Has anyone had a similar experience, and how did you handle this situation? Is it worth resending notifications, or would it be better to cancel the orders in 7 days, even though they were actually shipped on time?