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SKU Override for Orders Pulled From Sales Channels

Our ERP system is pulling all orders from ShipStation, and using the ShipStation interface for label printing and packaging. All of our orders are pulled from separate different sales channels. Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce, our product SKUs contain...

Jakgun by First-timer
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Ad hoc email to customer

Hi. It would helpful if we could send an ad hoc email to customers from Ship Station, especially from the order screen. There are times we need to ask for customer feedback before we ship and it would be nice not to have to switch systems to reach ou...

CorCut by New Contributor
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Label Queue

When I print a label directly from the Orders tab, my Label Queue has a red indication like an unread email or the like. This is unnecessary as the label has been already printed, and the order shipped. To remove the annoying red dot, I have to click...

ABG by First-timer
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Option to change currency in account

This has to be a feature in Shipstation. All of our orders are in USD , and there is no way we can convert all into CAD just because region account is based in Canada. Please let us know if there is any plan to implement this. I know this feature has...

Batch Pricing

Would love to be able to upload a batch spreadsheet (csv with multiple locations) and get pricing for all locations on the spreadsheet so that we can verify we are getting the best prices with each location.

kurstie by First-timer
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Automatic Store Updates

Need to be able to pick how often the automatic updates happen. Once an hour is not nearly enough. You should be able to pick how often it will automatically update (15 Minutes) instead of constantly coming over and manually refreshing and then the m...

gianna by First-timer
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Android Mobile Out of Order

Anyone notice packing slips printing out of order this week? I'm pretty sure this is something to do with being API subscription orders that are all processed around the same time. But the sequence in my bigcommerce is correct. In bigcommerce sorting...

scott8 by Occasional Contributor
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Add buyer's phone number to packing slips.

I am trying to find a way to add the buyer's phone number to our packing slips, the same way we have the recipients phone number displayed. I have familiarized myself with the list of packing slip field replacements in custom templates, and while [Re...

Plum by First-timer
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Resolved! Map Requested Service

Is the Map Requested Service feature unavailable? I've been trying to map services for a few weeks but keep getting an error message.Thanks!

665Chris by New Contributor
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Canceled Order Outbreak!!

My fellow retaliers and me, have been receiving a rash of orders (which is good), but they receive notification of shipment, and then send an email to cancel the order. Knowing that the order is on the way. They even are bold enough to ask if they ca...

wnenkow by First-timer
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Can not modify preset shipping preferences

Stuck on this one and chat tech support was worthless as usual. I can't modify or delete our existing shipping presets. When I click on manage presets I get a spinning cog that never goes away (see attached photo). Before it used take you to a new po...

sales95 by Occasional Contributor
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New order view missing customs declaration tab

Very frustrated to see the new order view does not show or allow to see/edit customs declaration. In order to change quantity/price/description you have to switch back to the old view on top of the window every time you open a new order.

f1r3 by New Contributor
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Sorting orders that have been grouped by criteria

In an effort to optimize picking in our warehouse and minimize multiple trips to the same stock locations, we add grouping to our Orders screen list to group by two levels. First, by Number of Line Items and second by item SKU. The resulting grouped ...

ShipStation Connect: Minimize to taskbar

I am sure I am not the only one that has ShipStation Connect installed on a regular workstation. It is annoying that you cannot minimize it. I would love to see a way to minimize it into the Taskbar next to the date/time or at least just be able to m...

cancellation confirmation popup - number of order

HiWhen we do a cancelation, we don t have any count of orders on the popup of confirmationAn employee can select one order > Other actions > Cancelbut he can also by mistake click on the case "all page" > other actions > cancelYou need to add the ord...

dsa by First-timer
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SKU Name Override Not Working On Every Order

Anyone else having issues with their SKU name overrides in shipstation? A couple months ago it worked 100% of the time but now its only working randomly. Reprocessing automation rules does not work either. I haven't changed any settings or anything. ...

Daylon by Occasional Contributor
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USPS Getrate API call issues

I am having issues with the getrate API calls this hasn't been an issue until recently and it is exclusively for USPS. THe call I have been using for years is below.{ "carrierCode": "stamps_com", "serviceCode": "usps_priority_mail", "packageCode": "p...

julie7 by New Contributor
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UPS Label - Prepaid Option vs 3rd Party Billing

Hello,Does anyone know how to get Prepaid Option on UPS label? Shipstation only offers 3rd party billing which shows up on the UPS label.We use Supplier account and they require Prepaid Option - P/P on UPS label.

ZS by First-timer
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Filtering shipped orders and batches

I currently need to filter out/mark the shipped orders within a batch. I ship alot of products but some within my daily batch dont make it to end of day. I need to filter them out and remove them so I can complete my paperwork. I need to keep all my ...

pilly by New Contributor
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IP Blacklist

We received several complaints from customers that they did not get notifications that their orders had shipped. We took a look at our shipping notification emails and found that the IP they were being sent from, via Sendgrid, was blacklisted in seve...

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 12.20.37 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 12.20.50 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 12.38.21 PM.png

Prioritize User (Scale/ Printer)

Hi, I am asking that is be possible to get a setting to prioritize which user on the accounts printer/ scale is being used. At this point we are taking a lot of time of we have to refresh or if something is not working having tom find our user name, ...

Screenshot 2023-06-19 144743.png