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iPhone App multi Piece Shipments

Hi guys, do anyone have idea when we can be able to print multiple labels from iPhone app which seems to be a major feature missing. I cannot even use the app due to most our shipments are consists of multiple packaging even some single items.

Need New API Feature

We are trying to build a new system around shipstation.For some reason, we need to keep the list of all carrier services in our own database.However, when/if a new carrier service is added, there is no way to know that a new service has been added.Fo...

filters not working

After the new layout very few of our filters are working. The problem being that our users DON'T KNOW the filters aren't working, and are missing critical processes because shipstation simply returns a full screen of all orders or a blank screen. Thi...

Can't Contact Support (Bronze with no chat option)

I have a Bronze level account and I can not figure out how to contact support. There is no phone number, email address, or anything else. I'm supposed to have chat for support, but I can't find a way to do this. Can anyone offer some help?

Matt by New Contributor
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Inventory Mgmt For In-House Print On Demand

Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out a way to keep track of shirt inventory that I print on demand. Since I don't stock shirts that are already printed, I can't specify how much inventory I have of a particular design. For example, I have 100 blank...

jknopic by First-timer
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Return Label Issue

Is anybody having an issue with an error creating a return label? It does not happen all the time but when it does happen, the include return label with outgoing shipment box is marked.

amg by First-timer
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Mapping Customs Orders to CSV

Is this really so hard? You could fix this by just allowing us to use some variants from the CSV file more than once. For example, using the product name or description for the customs description. Or using the price to reflect the price in the decla...

thomas5 by Contributor
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Need much improvement!!!

This version is a pain in my A@@ !!!! Runs extremely slow on my computer. Combing orders is a nightmare. Customs sections are more confusing than actual customs procedures!!! Please how do I go back to the pervious version???

AG by Rookie
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New ShipStation

This new ShipStation is horrible. It wouldn't let me do half the stuff I use to. Why do you people have to justify your employment by screwing up something that actually worked!!!Does anyone here know of another shipping platform I can go to? This pl...

tomb by Occasional Contributor
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Shipstation needs to provide more features in shipstation. Shipstation needs to add where you can do more than one pallet per order. Currently it only lets you ship one pallet per order. Shipstation support advised you would need to split the order i...

mgabriel by New Contributor
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Write back a tracking number to Magento DB

Hello! When customers create a shipping return label via our branded Shipstation Return page (, we would like to have that return label tracking number written bac...

Crippling Limitation with Automated Returns

Our company was going to turn on branded automated returns portal but the one and only limitation is the most important to all retailers. Companies are limited to one return service option for ALL returns. This means you have to choose what could be ...

Per item weight on Packing Slips

Looking to have the Packing Slip mapping corrected to show the Weight on the packing slip as the per item/per case weight. Today it tallies the total weight per sku based on how many of the sku was purchased. I am looking to show the per unit weight ...

Direct Delivery - UPS

It would be great to have the option to do direct delivery via UPS on the V3 layout. I ship hazardous materials and I do not want individuals rerouting their package from the original delivery address.

dschuck by New Contributor
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New spliting the order issue

The new split order is confusing to our departments because when split it uses the same order number and each department can see the other half of the orders and marking as ship (or adding the tracking number) is also an issue on the new split order....

Grizwolf by First-timer
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I've been using ShipStation for.. 7-8 years or so? This new layout is a deal breaker for my business. It's slow and the layout is a step back 15 years in web design. Time is money in ecommerce and I don't have time to waste on this awful update. Shor...