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End of day print form for USPS not working now


Just closed out end of day for USPS - went to print form since our post office requires this form for any volume of packages. When you click print form - popup states "sending to preview" and then that popup closes and no preview - unable to print form at all - have tried various ways to print form. Can someone please get this fixed! Not good at all.  



I had this issue yesterday too - apparently this also is not working in the new version. I got the pop-up "sending to preview" - but no preview. I was able to print it though by going into settings and switching that document from "preview" to the printer I wanted. But I used to preview it first, and cannot now either.

New Contributor

Has there been any update on this? We are experiencing the same issue. It only occurs on one of our stations. Our 2 other stations that use ShipStation do not have this issue. 

There is a very big thread of individuals having this problem of the end of the day manifests not registering on USPS. I have included the link below. I reported this problem to ShipStation about 6 weeks ago, yet nothing has been fixed. ShipStation has been absolutely TERRIBLE!!!

we have been dealing with ship station since NOV 2023. Our issue has NOT been resolved. We can not generate (print) the end of day report)  Calling does nothing. They do not even contact us to update about wha'ts going on. Terrible!!!

Hello Admin138!


Thank you for your post! I definitely hear your frustration. While I don't have a precise ETA to provide on a resolution, please rest assured that this specific error has been documented by our Senior Support team and is currently being worked on by our Engineering team.


Happy Shipping!