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International Shipping Errors -- Again

I can not print international shipments-- what is going on? This has been happening on and off all month. I'm so over it. We had issues on Friday, printed several. Now we can't print international again becuase we keep getting odd error messages.No o...

Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 1.12.22 PM.png
glam by Occasional Contributor
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Importing orders manually is not working

Hello everyone, are any of you experiencing issues importing orders from Squarespace to ShipStation? Currently, we are unable to import orders into ShipStation. Is there ongoing maintenance on the site, or is there another issue at hand? Please, any ...

Cha by New Contributor
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My label generated but it's in gibberish

I have no clue how to resolve this. This label was generated today. I get the same issues with labels generated prior to today. I have sent this to chat but don't have much hope anyone will hop on and help me.

Screenshot 2023-09-06 175312.png

New Layout broke everything

I don't think it's a coincidence that the day the new shipping window layout was pushed out, everything broke. Do you guys do any prelaunch testing or do you just let the new code rip on the production servers? It's one thing that shipstation connect...

Bobby_M by Contributor
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Combine Shipments option now auto-selecting all orders

When I go to the Combine Shipments section under Order Alerts from the Orders page, and I select two of three orders for a customer, it used to give me the option to combine the two selected orders.As of 05/09/2023 it now includes all orders for that...

andrew9 by Contributor
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Export does not correctly display Shipping Paid field

If you add the Shipping Paid and the Rate fields to a view, you can see what the customer paid and what the quoted rate was for the order. However, when you export it, the Rate field remains correct but the Shipping Paid field changes to match the Ra...

Craig by Occasional Contributor
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Custom Packing Slip - [Ship Time] field

It would be really nice to get a "Ship Time" field placement when creating custom packing slips.We would use this along side the [Ship Date] placement to help monitor efficiency. Our company likes to keep track of when our shipping team are processin...

The reports do not show adjusments

We have been getting charged extra charges for shipments. One was for an extra $113None of the balance or shipping cost reports show these adjustments. We were not told about any of these adjustments. I am now finding out about these adjustments afte...

Drahbari by Occasional Contributor
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Custom Packing Slip

Hi, I'm trying to make the lines on my 4" x 6" packing slip thicker as it keeps getting stuck on my label printer and skipping the text below, but am not able to find how to change it. Specifically, the lines on the boxes around "Description" and "Qt...

TeamAdmin by New Contributor
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Custom packing slip - Landscape rotate text 90° HTML/CSS

Hi,I am trying to make my custom packing slip text landscape using the following CSS. I am only including one element on the packing slip, the gift message.transform: rotate(90deg);It does not work though, are there any other options to that work to ...

jk47 by Occasional Contributor
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ShipStation Connect disconnecting on New Layout

In July, we tried the new layout on 2 out of 3 of our shipping stations. Throughout the couple of weeks we were on the new layout we had almost daily issues with ShipStation Connect disconnecting and not being able to process orders until we reconnec...

laura2 by New Contributor
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503 Error

We are receiving a 503 Error Screen when we try to use Shipstation - from multiple computers. Anyone else having this problem? Wasn't sure if it was system-wide. Thanks!

Screenshot 2023-09-05 112547.jpg
cortag04 by First-timer
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Bulk Inventory Warehouse Location creation

I am in the process of setting up my warehouse on Shipstation and have over thousands of locations to set up, all which needs to be done manually, one by one. A great feature to have would be to allow bulk csv upload of the warehouse locations, which...

UPS - Do not allow rerouting of shipments?

We have had a number of fraudulent orders go through where the recipient will use a fake address, and then call UPS to have the shipment redirected to a UPS pickup facility where they show a fake ID and pick up the shipment. We recently lost $6,000 o...

TelCan by Occasional Contributor
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Auto route labels to correct printer

It would be great to configure certain carrier lables to particular printers. I.e. all express service to printer from Printer 1, which has pre-printed express labels. all carrier services to print from printer 2.

ChrisB1 by First-timer
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about shipstation store creation

am getting the following error and it is causing my account to be inactive or something like that (the status field shows "failed to update")An error occurred attempting to update orders: Could not find file......

rohith by New Contributor
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Dropping devices (printers & weigh scale)

We use Shipstation Connect to talk to our printers and weigh scale. Connect seems to be, somewhat regularly, dropping the connections with these devices. We also find when it happens, Connect needs to be re-installed too. The printers & scale are loc...

MrCroquet by Contributor
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Order Search by Order Number returning multiple results

We have an issue that was occurring back in January but cleared up itself but has now returned. When we input an order number into the search field, it returns a bunch of unrelated results. I'm attaching a screenshot here. As far as I know support co...

Screenshot 2023-02-20 141111.png
justin19 by Occasional Contributor
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