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Address change did not save on order even though the notes list the change


We have an order where the address was changed to a different street address and city and zip. The order notes show that the address information was entered. When the label printed, it printed for the original address. The address on the order is the original address.

We are not experiencing this across all orders. 

The only thing special about this order was it was placed in a Batch 2 days prior to the address change being made.

A label had not been printed for the batch. Only the batch assignment was done.

Does Shipstation not allow address changes to orders in a batch?



Occasional Contributor

We had this happen to us as well. Our difference was that the order that didn't maintain the address change was NOT assigned to a batch. To try to solve the problem, we duplicated the order and attempted to import the duplicate order (with the changed address) from WooCommerce into ShipStation which didn't work.  After several other attempts to get the address to change, we gave up and wound up shipping through WooCommerce for that particular order. We wasted a few shipping labels while we were troubleshooting.


Hello Astrid_H!


Thank you for the post! It seems like you have done everything correctly. It might be good to reach out to support so they can take a look and see if they can reproduce the issue! You can reach them at 


Thank you and happy shipping!