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Uploading Products


Asked a question via customer service and was told engineers will see this so here we are: 

I am having an issue with uploading products on my account via API for a platform; I noticed that there are about 10 to 20 products that get uploaded each day. Is there a way to speed up the process. I know CSV file can be created however my fear is that I may end up creating duplicates.




Hello Wellshii!


Thank you for your post. There is no way to upload product records via our open API; that’s not what we currently support. I had support look at your account, and your product records appear to be being created from new order imports, so this is why not too many product records are being made. 


The best option is to upload your products via CSV. Duplicate product records should not be created if you use SKU as their product identifier. When orders are imported with an existing SKU or if a CSV is uploaded with an existing SKU, it will update the existing product record


I hope this helps you out. We appreciate you putting your trust in Shipstation. 


Happy Shipping!