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Shipstation Customer Service DOES NOT RESPOND

Occasional Contributor

Shipstation Customer Service does not respond once you submit your issue. I have a ticket open for over a week and they do not reply to the emails nor does the chat function work. Not even a confirmation that they are working on the issue we just get ignored. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am emailing everyday until I get an answer, but at this point we are going to take our business elsewhere. Never seen customer service this bad.


New Contributor

I agree. I have had a horrible experience with Shipstation and their partner/subsidiary GlobalPost. I tried the free 30-day trial in March of this year, and here's a timeline of what happened with my first shipment:
March 18: I joined for a 30-day free trial, and made a shipment of 4 packages to a customer in Germany, which was supposed to go via USPS/GlobalPost, at essentially the same price as the USPS charges for their International Priority service.  The charges were about $395 total, for the four boxes.

March 19 to April 30:  Two boxes were delivered within a reasonable time frame, one box was a couple of weeks late, and the fourth box was nowhere to be found. When I contacted Shipstation, they referred me to a GlobalPost site, which claimed that the box was in transit, and gave a DHL Germany tracking number. But the DHL site indicated that the tracking number was invalid. During this time, the responses I got from GlobalPost customer service were erroneous and/or useless. Due to the box being lost for such a long time, my irate customer in Germany requested that I send a duplicate shipment via FedEx, which I did.

May 3: Suddenly, the DHL tracking number began working, indicating that DHL was given the box on May 3, at their Los Angeles location. Evidently, the lost box was just sitting in the GlobalPost facility in Los Angeles for over 6 weeks! I of course complained to Shipstation/GlobalPost, but have not received any communication back from them for the past five days.

If anybody from Shipstation reads this, please reply. The GlobalPost ticket numbers are 6655637 and 6714057. Neither complaint tickets have been answered in any satisfactory way.  Aside from having to pay for an expensive (FedEx) shipping charges due to GlobalPost's negligence, my customer is rightfully unhappy for the long delay caused by Shipstation's partner. Aside from shipping costs, I now am at a loss for how to get back my $552.50 (declared customs value) worth of merchandise. 

I guess if I don't receive a reply, my only remedy will be to file a complaint with the BBB and with small claims court, which I prefer not to do?

Hello jdspear! 

Thank you for your post! We take these concerns very seriously and understand your frustration. We are sorry to hear that you experienced this issue with shipping your mailpieces. We understand how important this is for your business. After reviewing this issue with the appropriate team, we have escalated your issue. You will be hearing from support! 


I would suggest calling the help number (512)975-3001, they've always picked up for me and that is the fastest way to get answers! 

Thank you for that tip.  I called the Shipstation customer service number, and I was referred to the GlobalPost customer service number (888--899-1255).  I have called GlobalPost, explained my situation to them, and they advised the following: tell the customer to refuse the package from DHL, and it eventually will be returned to me. Their agent advised that I will get the package back, plus a refund of the shipping fees.

Until I called Shipstation, I didn't understand the connection between Shipstation and GlobalPost. The Shipstation agent explained to me that GlobalPost is a shipping service that coordinates between different carriers, while Shipstation provides software.  Anyway, if all goes well from this point, this issue will be resolved acceptably.