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Barcode Scanners

Hello! I am looking for recommendation for a barcode scanner. We are looking to implement one that will work best with scanning the UPC barcodes on a label and then scan the UPC barcode on the actual product to make sure our pickers and packers are p...

customized Pack lists for Cdn retailers

Hi all We are new to ShipStation and have run into a road block weeks before going live with NetSuiteWe are a small Cdn company and do not have an IT Dept - the customized pack lists are in html and we are not at all familiar with it. We can do a who...

brendak by New Contributor
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These prompts are switched

Anyone else? using shipstation connect: When i tap shipping label, a packing slip prints and when i tap packing slip a shipping label prints.

krap by First-timer
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Resolved! Cannot Pay for Subscription

The page keeps saying "Form submission failure: The information being saved is not valid" when I try to change billing info for upgrading the subscription plan.But I am sure that the card info is correct, because I still use this card to place orders...

PPE by Occasional Contributor
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SS doesn't calculate the totals correctly for combined orders. This feature is useless! The wrong amount gets into all reports and messes up monthly/yearly stats! The only reason we still haven't moved to a new platform is that SS keeps our reports f...

SS 2.png SS 1.png
emarkhasin by Occasional Contributor
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Scan to Verify and Print

I am running into an issue with Scan to verify and print. The scan process works fine. After the last item is scanned and it switches over to the print function, I have to uncheck and re-check the the use scale box to get the scale to read the weight...

cschlik by New Contributor
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Hack to change Ship Date

Currently my ecommerce site lists a future ship date for some orders (imported from Amazon), and so the ship date in Shipstation is incorrect. I'm trying to find a hack to automatically change the ship date to "Today" - there is no attribute in Autom...

birdsafe by Occasional Contributor
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ShipStation Connect - Constant bugs

We've been using Shipstation for 4 years now to ship all of our ecommerce orders. Naturally we use the Shipstation Connect feature to make the process of printing shipping labels and packing slips more efficient. That being said, we encounter connect...

EmilyM by Occasional Contributor
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Commercial Invoice Document Options

I would like to be able to customize my Commercial Invoice (Other Forms) similarly to how most of the other documents have customizable options. I use ShipStation Connect to print all of my documents because it is very convenient.Currently every time...

Image 2021-09-27 at 2.40.00 PM.png
Keto-BEAM by New Contributor
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Combine shipments

How do I fix this issue? When I combine orders, the window freezes? BTW by removing the human support was a typical bait and switch on the service with SS. Please let us know how to get questions answered when dealing with your software. Horrible! 

Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 3.51.25 PM.png

Keeps kicking out Document Settings

Why does the program keep forgetting my document options (labels, packing slips, etc.)???? I have to go back in and reset multiple times a day. Oh, and then I get kicked out of the program entirely and have to log in, only this time havin the fun of ...

birdsafe by Occasional Contributor
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Is Shipstation in BETA? This is Ridiculous...

We have been using Shipstation for a few months now, and almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, we have some type of technical issue. This is absolutely unacceptable. Is your software in beta? We have issues with scanning products, printers, scales, logging in, et...

NEV by Contributor
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Shipping Cutoff date not working... Again...

We set our Shipping CutoffSet the Ship Date to the next day if the time is after:4:30PM Yet when we pull up an order in the (Orders) tab. And ship it via order details screen. It never changes the ship by date... Please fix...

NEV by Contributor
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Label without order API Help needed

I am using the Creat label without an order API. returns a JSON format for the label.How do i convert that to a usable format? What conversion needs to be do...

Davidc by Occasional Contributor
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Need Ability To Restrict Users By Selling Channel

We desperately need the ability to restrict users to only see, report and fulfill orders from only specific selling channels. In our case, we have a 3rd party that wants to run a single Shopify page selling our product for a month, while we would ful...

Automation Rule to cancel SKU

If i add criteria "ITEM SKU equals XYZ" multiple times using a variety of products, will this work. Does the logic use both criteria as an OR or as AND. Meaning it only needs to have one of those items. I want to stop certain SKUs from importing. If ...

Davidc by Occasional Contributor
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Combining orders gives us troubles

My shipstation Christmas wish list gets bigger and bigger everyday. For todays post, I want to express our problems with combine orders feature. 1. New packing slip only displays parent order number2. New packing slip only displays parent order tax, ...

NEV by Contributor
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Using Custom Packages

We use Custom Packages for box dimensions when we ship. However, when we have multipiece shipments and move into the Multi-Package Shipment screen the custom package box dimensions we have created do not populate. We have to type our box dimensions i...

Multi Package Shipment.jpg My Custom Packages.jpg
DBullock by New Contributor
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Error message when closing USPS shipments

I have been having an issue for several months now when I try to close shipments from a previous day to generate a scan form. For example yesterday I printed 86 labels, but I forgot to close the shipments and print the scan form since I wasn't planni...

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 1.13.55 PM.png

Return Portal Questions

Can the return portal be embedded on a website page? I only need the form. Will the return portal work for orders NOT shipped with Shipstation? Example if i canceled and fulfilled some other way. If the order has more than 1 item or multiples of 1 it...

Davidc by Occasional Contributor
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Closing Account

Anyone know how do I go about closing my account? I could never find the right question so that the robot chatbot would give me direction. I emailed Shipstation at the only address I had (from the welcome messages) and received a reply that they had ...

Clark_L by First-timer
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Undo "Mark as shipped"

I am able to undo "mark as shipped" for orders that were fulfilled by my warehouse, but not for orders where I printed the label myself. Can someone explain that logic to me? Why can't I undo it for all orders?

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Feature Request (Printing order barcodes sticker)

Hello, I think an important feature to request is to be able to print the barcode that Shipstation generates for each order on a sticker by itself or allowing the creation of custom documents based on shipstation HTML suggestions or just allowing bar...

Ghiath by New Contributor
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Include Time based automation rules

Because not all the selling channels have a "Ship By Date", is there any way to set an automation rule based on order import time? Let's say " if orders imports before 1 pm put the tag "Ship Today" ", or put the order on hold until tomorrow.that woul...

Boris_B by First-timer
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Addition to Split Ship

I had a customer place a large order he intended to ship to 5 different recipients. The split ship feature allows me to split that order into 5, however, I cannot edit 5 different addresses. Only 1 address for 5 shipments. A feature allowing me to sp...

Resolved! Please add ability to download SKU barcodes

Please add the ability to download product SKU barcodes. This would give us the option to place SKUs on the products themselves and scan those rather than the packing slip. If a packer grabs the wrong item and scans it in on the packing slip, scannin...

jaimes57 by Occasional Contributor
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