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Global Post Tracking Link Updated Needed

I use the shipment notifications, they are great! But now with using Global Post, when a customer click the tracking number the link goes to USPS. Yes, USPS picks it up but the tracking is thru Global Post not USPS. So when the customer clicks the tr...

Needed: Store Access Permissions Per User

We definitely need a way to control access to different stores on a per-user basis. One specific instance where this greatly affects us in in regards to our test/development store, where we create and manipulate orders for testing purposes. We have s...

isaac7 by First-timer
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Deliver by date?

What is the new delivery by date field that appears at the top of the order summary? Is there a way to assign this with automation rules? Can it be used as a variable for Shipping Strategies to ensure that rate shopping considers both cost and delive...

oeban31 by Occasional Contributor
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Marketplace Notification Failures

Sometimes we create shipments more quickly than Amazon wants to accept them, which results in our orders appearing unshipped to Amazon and Shipstation receiving a 429 error back. Then our account at Amazon gets a wrist slap for not shipping orders in...

MJ by First-timer
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Notes To Buyer Field API Field

We do not have a plan that allows for custom shipping list templates and can only print out the Notes to Customer field. I am trying to make an API post to add a string to that field and it is not available through SS API. Can the devs please make th...

TL-11 by New Contributor
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Shipstation API help

I was wanting to task for support or request to add a feature to API. I have a certain need for me to take certain orders that have shipped via API and pull the shipping cost so I can bill for shipping later. I also really need to pull the number of ...

Tom2024 by New Contributor
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Shipping Description

I'm having an issue where I input the shipping description for shipping methods and Shipstation or the carrier is automatically inputting days into my description. For example, I set up quick ship for 3 days and standard shipping for 5-7 days. Someth...

Shipstation Error.JPG
JessieN by First-timer
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Pick List - Option to Hide Descriptions

Option to hide product descriptions in the pick list settings ("Personalisation" text in italics in screenshot below). Currently, products with the same name and SKUs are being listed individually if they have different descriptions, making the effic...

Screenshot 2024-01-14 at 17.02.03.png
BBS by First-timer
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customized Pack lists for Cdn retailers

Hi all We are new to ShipStation and have run into a road block weeks before going live with NetSuiteWe are a small Cdn company and do not have an IT Dept - the customized pack lists are in html and we are not at all familiar with it. We can do a who...

brendak by New Contributor
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New Layout

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old layout, so why fix it?I happen to be in a position where we have 2 shipstation accounts, the first in the old layout and the 2nd stuck in the new layout.Hands down, everyone here hates the new layout. T...

Bison by New Contributor
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Global Post

Does anyone know if it's possible to opt OUT of Global Post? All of my international packages are currently being fed through a global post location in Carol Stream, IL and I've had a lot of packages that end up sitting there for a month, which is ri...

Anna by First-timer
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Bundle Product Import

I was so happy to find that they finally added a feature to do a bundle product import! So nice. But there is one big part that is still missing. I had about 150 skus that needed bundling so this was a big project.I started by importing all the skus ...

mcaliber by New Contributor
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Product Bundle Issue

Absolutely happy that Shipstation has added the bundle feature. One issue I've noticed with it though is that when you have it set to just show the bundle name, (not separated out into its individual parts) the product name override does not work.

Daylon by Occasional Contributor
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Branded return portal - Add customization

It would be great if the return reasons could be customised. Also an option for the customer to confirm that the product is brand new, unused, in the original packaging, etc before proceeding with the return

MaryL by First-timer
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Shopify Re-sync Order Changes Besides Just Quantity

This is related to other posts about the Shopify Exchanges feature, but another way to put it is to allow the order details inside ShipStation to resync with the order details inside Shopify. Currently, the only changes that resync are changes to qua...

Durak33 by Occasional Contributor
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Add functionality for Shopify exchanges

Please add in support for the new Shopify Exchanges feature. have been waiting for Shopify to release this for ages and now find it is not compatible with Shipstation - super disapp...

danny10 by First-timer
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Automation "Adjust Order Weight" not functional.

I have several automation rules set up with the action "Adjust Order Weight" and I cannot get it to work. The criteria are being met, the log shows the rule as "applied", and the other actions in the rule are working, but the order weight is never ad...

Product pictures in shipping notification?

Original post by user Jarrod Murray Can you add product pictures to the shipping notifications? For example if they purchase the yellow hat, it will show the picture of the yellow hat in the email? I have seen other companies include thumbnails of th...

SarahATX by Moderator
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