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Using Custom Packages

New Contributor

We use Custom Packages for box dimensions when we ship.  However, when we have multipiece shipments and move into the Multi-Package Shipment screen the custom package box dimensions we have created do not populate.   We have to type our box dimensions in manually.  My shipping staff whine about trying to remember box dimensions.  Is there any what for the customer package box dimensions to populate in the Multi-Package Shipment screen?  Is there a setting I do not know about?


Thank you, 

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Within the mulit-package shipment screen you can save  custom package set and just name them the package sizes that you prefer. You'll have to manually add them the 1st time but then your staff can just "Apply Package Set" and select the package size they need from the drop down list.


Package Set.PNG

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Thank you.  I just set up all our box sizes in save new package set.  But when I add a package in the multi shipment screen.  I cannot click on an "apply package set" and get a box size to apply for the second box, or a different box size from the above 2 packages to apply to box 3.  It is not uncommon to have 12 or more boxes in a multi-piece order to a customer and to have 3-6 different box sizes being used.


Any suggestions?


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Ooops sorry about that, I didn't realize that until now. You could just leave the package sets there with size/dimensions as a reference for your staff to help them remember.


Another option might be to use the "split ship" function in the orders tab. You can take 1 order with multiple items and split it into as many orders as there are items and it's fairly simple to do. Then you can use your preset box/package sizes by either selecting them from the drop down list (I promise this time :-P) or by scanning them (if you have created barcodes for your box sizes). 


Here is the split ship function and an order with 3 items...

Split Ship.jpg


Then a split shipment dialog box pops up giving you the option to split your order  however you like...

Split Ship Dia.jpg

Here's my awaiting shipments before the split ship...

Split Ship Before.jpg

Here's my awaiting shipments after the split shipment...

Split Ship After.jpg

I think the end result would be the same with the exception of not having a master tracking number for the entire order.


Hope that helps if you haven't already found a solution. 


Kind Regard,