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iPad/iPhone web view broken - no top menu bar

There must have been a breaking change to the web app. Our crew using iPads can no longer see/accerss the top menu bar and therefore cannot get into the Scan to Verify mode. The iPads range from running iOS 15 to 16 so it is not any recent update on ...

scmsteve by Contributor
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Rest API, Create Account

Hello there, I'm trying to integrate shipstation REST API in my product that is based on express.js and react.js. Whenever I try to hit the register account API call ( I'm getting some server-side...

panther by First-timer
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Custom Field Integration into Shipstation

Hello,Most of my products are personalized. Amazon has the ability now to use a custom now box When a customer entered personalization it's should be imported to the ship station and printed on the packing slip. Now I have to go to the Amazon dashboa...

Bring Back Restore Order

When we were forced to switch from the Legacy version of ShipStation, we lost the ability to restore orders. Previously, if we had shipped an order and it was damaged in transit, we would restore the order to be shipped back out. This required very l...

SamRSD by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Bug Report: New split Feature has a bug

Hi Everyone, The newly released "split feature" is convenient but it has a bug。 When this bug happens:1. We have an order which contains 2 items. We split this order into 2 shipments, each containing 1 item.2. Then we combine these 2 shipments back i...

Screenshot 2022-10-26 125018.jpg Screenshot 2022-10-26 124656.jpg Screenshot 2022-10-26 124656.jpg
admin81 by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Shipstation Connect bug on MacOS

Today, Shipstation Connect started to refuse legitimate logins. After reinstalling on the advice of Support, it did accept the login, but failed to work. If you are having the same problem, the solution is to refuse to accept the helper that it is tr...

Shipster by Contributor
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Types of Barcode Scanners

I am trying to find out the best options for a barcode scanner that will interface nicely with Shipstation. I would prefer one to be cordless since a 7ft cord going thru a warehouse is not happening. Want something that will interface with either a l...

BRops by New Contributor
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How do I obtain a report of each time I add funds, the date and the amount each time add funds in order to purchase labels?

trobaz by First-timer
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New Split Function Duplicated product in order

While using the new split interface a new shipment was made, however the product being split was also left in the original shipment as well as being placed into a new shipment. This duplicated that product and would have had us fulfilling double the ...

BGRSWIL by New Contributor
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Multiple Packing Slips Per page

Hello! I am trying to print two packing slips per page using a custom packing slip. I go to print out all of the orders for the day. When I select "Use Store's Default Template" it allows two per page, but any other template it won't allow me to prin...

Product Imports - Never Works

When will the product importing functionality improve?I've NEVER successfully imported without an issue being escalated in support. What does Invalid Product Import Status mean

Image 2022-09-27 at 7.46.16 PM.jpeg ss import line 11.jpeg Image 2022-09-27 at 7.46.16 PM.jpeg
teamLA by Contributor
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PLEASE ! Add UPS Simple Rate into Shipstation

Hello develop team of Shipstation. USPS have Flat rate (that is really good for shipping). Fedex after that release One Rate service (yes, that is supported on Shipstation) And why you forget UPS? UPS have Simple Rate (this service have been over 2 y...

leeshin by New Contributor
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Needed to access help desk, I can't even access it.

Been a customer for 5+ years and the system is broken. Originally was going to send a message to support regarding a label generation error received (deposited balance $$ and no labels generated due to some technical error, great). Seems like I can't...


NO CHAT! So tired of the runaround......Silver level

The last several months using SS have been abysmal. The new platform sucks and is way less productive than the previous 6 years!I do not get the bot, I do not get the chat option. How am I supposed to resolve issues or is this a way to get people bum...

fjabraham by Occasional Contributor
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Tracking Email to Certain Customers

We sell both wholesale and retail customers. We need to send emails to our retail customers, but not to our wholesale customers, since most of the email contacts are a central corporate email. We do not want to send them a tracking notification. An a...

ChrisCross by Occasional Contributor
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Global Post

Does anyone know if it's possible to opt OUT of Global Post? All of my international packages are currently being fed through a global post location in Carol Stream, IL and I've had a lot of packages that end up sitting there for a month, which is ri...

Anna by First-timer
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Collection/Other Courier / pallet ship button

As much as we want to ship everything via ship station we have some stuff which just will never go through for various reasons, Collection, Other couriers. pallets. However our stock/shipping software will only mark something complete after we have d...

Chopkins by First-timer
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New Version ability to change hold date

We have held off upgrading, hoping that this oversight will be corrected. We have to place orders on hold in large numbers frequently and need the ability to change hold dates in batch also. This functionality was removed with this latest version and...

Custom Packing Slip Issue

For whatever reason, there was a "bug fix" that now makes my packing slips not work the way they are supposed to. The 4x6 slips that were always "fitting to print" on our 8.5x11 paper has html that was exactly what I need. The "bug fix" now took away...

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking

Does ShipStation send tracking information back to the WooCommerce website and assign it to the correct order automatically? Is there a way to nicely display the tracking information in the WooCommerce customer account dashboard via a map, or display...

Packing slip border box for text

Hi, I'm new to ShipStation and I'm trying to print the return policy in the packing slip footer with a border box. I tried with the following code and no border box appears. Spoiler

Return Policy

Return Policy

I don't know why it isn't working. Coul...