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Ship Station Connect

Quick question, it seems that half the time we turn on our shipping computers, it needs to be logged back int Ship Station Connect... When we do this, it makes all of our printers visible to all of our ShipStations and seems to lose the preset adjust...

andy5 by New Contributor
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Shipstation Connect Unstable

Recently I've been losing connection with SS connection or losing the devices saved to certain functions. At least once a day I have to re-select the label and forms printers.

birdsafe by Occasional Contributor
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UPS to Japan postal code bug

UPS throws a postal code error when trying to purchased a label to Japan, asking for a 0 to 5 character postal code. Japan has a 7 digit postal code. The address was verified by ShipStation and Melissa Lookups. ShipStation support said there is a com...

Account Canceled?

I received a notification this morning that I requested my subscription be canceled when I did not. I don't think it's a hack or anything, some systematic thing in SS. It says to just "change subscription" with the button below, but there is no butto...

SS.png SS.png
INFO465 by First-timer
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UPS CTP Large - missing produt bundle features

Hello,We are prepaid with shipstation through our UPS CTP Fund. It would seem our account is not able to access the product bundle feature unless we "Upgrade" our account to gold. Is this an oversight for these UPS prepaid accounts? IT seems the gold...

mattrav05 by New Contributor
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Why is there no chat widget?

I've gone thru the directions listed here: and cannot find the mentioned "chat widget" anywhere on the page, after trying multiple browsers. It should be easier t...

info301 by Occasional Contributor
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We received an email yesterday regarding $5.15 charges to our Master Card. Can you explain what was the charge for?

Shipstation charges.png
jamolo25 by First-timer
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Add [Quantity] as label option

Hi all, It would help us a lot if the quantity of the order is printed on the label as well. The reason is that the factory that packs the items wants to double-check if all the items are in the bag. I know there is an option for the SKUs to be added...

Hold orders for hours not days

We have a need to hold orders for 2-4 hours as we offer a cancellation window. However Shipstation only allows orders to be held to a specific date or for x number of days.Is there a way we can hold orders for x hours instead?

shipstation sucks

They are no help whatsoever when UPS has a bogus adjustment after the shipment is delivered. UPS has done that a couple of times, but usually it's not enough to even worry about. This last time they grossly overstated the weight and dimensions and hi...

exasperated by Occasional Contributor
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BigCommerce - Stock count not syncing

I have a new shipstation account and I am being told by shipstation that there is a known issue with stock count not syncing from BigCommerce. Is anyone else having this issue?

SEMS by First-timer
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Scales Constantly Losing Connection

Hello. We have been trying to integrate ShipStation for about two months now, and can't seem to hit a comfortable point. Every day, we have scales losing connection, printers losing connection. Some mornings nothing gets recognized without multiple r...

WSPAdmin by New Contributor
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Subscription Cancelled, won't let me renew

Tried to login and ship, and was notified my subscription had been cancelled. A search on here indicates that I'm not the first, and seems to be a pretty regular occurrence. Regular enough you'd think they would have fixed it by now. I have tried ren...

New Order Details Window

The new order details window really needs transit time displayed without having to do an extra click. We ship refrigerated product and transit time is key. Please put the transit time in a better spot instead of us having to do an extra step for ever...

Daylon by Occasional Contributor
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Product Record Tag Inherited Broken

A few weeks ago we started doing an overhaul on our product records in shipstation to utilize more features. This process went pretty smooth except for the fact the advanced product system (Parent/variant) is not functioning as I assumed it would. I ...

tsmith by Occasional Contributor
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Date Range Selector doesn't work - BUG Report

This is crazy, BUT it seems that they broke the basic function.Select Last Month: apply and check the date range: - Look the data is pulled correctly, but who knows now? Same if you selec...

Package Automation

It would be of great help if it was possible to set the Package as an action Type in the automation Rules. There is a "Set carrier/Service/Package" and there is a "Set Package Dimensions"... However, there is not a Set Package.

Bandcamp - notes do not appear in ShipStation

Hello, ShipStation does not support the notes in Bandcamp. Neither buyer notes, ship notes nor internal notes. At least buyer_note and ship_notes are sent by the API. Does ShipStation plan to add these? It would be great as we currently have to work ...

Keeps kicking out Document Settings

Why does the program keep forgetting my document options (labels, packing slips, etc.)???? I have to go back in and reset multiple times a day. Oh, and then I get kicked out of the program entirely and have to log in, only this time havin the fun of ...

birdsafe by Occasional Contributor
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Warehouse bin Locations - BigCommerce

Is anyone else having issues with warehouse bin locations not syncing? This is supposed to sync from BigCommerce so I am told by support and yet it hasn't worked since we created an account 2 months ago. Does anyone know if this is a sync or does thi...

SEMS by First-timer
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Invalid Addresses

In the process of shipping hundreds of on a daily basis it is easy to overlook an address correction made by Ship Station with the current format that has small lettering of notification. And the printing of the label function goes unimpeded. I sugge...

Leaving Ship Station and staying with Shipping Easy

I've contacted support and they are also unsure why we keep getting resets for a simple task of a label printing correctly. I currently use Shipping Easy, Pirate Ship, Shippo, and occasionally Etsy's internal setup for small stuff.We ship 15-20 shipm...

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 8.09.16 AM.png
entropychef by Occasional Contributor
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Adding an external image URL to a packing slip

Hi! I'm trying to add an external image url to packing slip templates.It will only appear when adding "" to the front of the image URL, which servers as a resizer.Without this, only a small white box will appear.The problem is the ...

RobertMc by Occasional Contributor
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Auto Split Orders based on Order Item Properties

When will a feature be available that will automatically split order based on line item properties? Specifically when looking at the source of the inventory location for that specific line item. If we have orders that have multi-location fulfillment,...

jnielsen by First-timer
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