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Using Custom Packages

We use Custom Packages for box dimensions when we ship. However, when we have multipiece shipments and move into the Multi-Package Shipment screen the custom package box dimensions we have created do not populate. We have to type our box dimensions i...

Multi Package Shipment.jpg My Custom Packages.jpg
DBullock by New Contributor
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Zebra ZP505 Printer on a Mac Printing Blank Labels

Our Zebra ZP505 printer connect to a Mac was printing blank labels after following all set up advice from both ShipStation and Zebra including updating CUPS Settings. Finally found a solution to the issue. Zebra recommend using the ZPL driver which i...

khouse by First-timer
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Customer Notes

I am in need of a way to leave notes on a customer's profile to make adjustments on future orders. I know how to tag it but there's no way to see why I tagged it. Possible reasons could be including a replacement item, using a different shipping meth...

Automation rule for Hazmat checkbox

We ship predominantly lithium ion batteries with USPS/ using shipstation. For these we need to check the "This shipment contains dangerous goods" checkbox under other shipping options.I can't seem to find a way to automate clicking this che...

Help Images

Hello is support still offering help?Has anyone had issues with product images not loading on shipstation?

FazStore by Occasional Contributor
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Print summary after the label

Our company currently uses FedEx and UPS software when printing labels. We're in the beginning stages of rolling out Ship Station. When they currently print labels they get the order number, tracking number, shipment cost, retail rate printed after t...

posrg by First-timer
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Order Total Sum Feature Added Please

When utilizing the awaiting shipments tab, we often want to see the order totals summed. So for example, if we have 5 orders pending with an order total of $10 per order then when selecting all 5 orders a summary showing $50 would be very helpful (5x...

ShipStation Feature Add on Sample Draft.png
SSales by New Contributor
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Has anyone switched from ShipStation to Veeqo? We have been a long time ShipStation user and we are testing Veeqo. We would like to know what features ShipStation has to offer that Veeqo does not offer.

OH2U by Rookie
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Store Specific Carrier Settings

Dear ShipStation Community,I write today to petition an imperative improvement applicable to sellers and/or distributors that are active in various e-commerce platforms. As many of you may know, recently Amazon re-launched their carrier services, Ama...

Edit Checkout Rates

I have created new checkout Rates for my Shopify store. But In Shopify checkout rates I can see a shipping method description added by ShipStation in SS. How can we remove it ?

shipstationSS2.PNG shipstation_ss.PNG
yashsoni by First-timer
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New Rates

Has anyone else done the math on the new subscription pricing? We have and with the new charge for printing labels from our own carriers our cost monthly cost has increased over 1,000%.We have been with ShipStation for over 12 years and since they ha...

r_hudson by Contributor
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Label price is null

Hi, we generate a label with Chronopost but the price was null. How to fix it? It is not possible to avoid the label. we get error "the parcel isn't candidate to cancel (cancelSkybillAsync)."

doss by New Contributor
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So I had a customer complain about our pricing for shipping. He said I should use Pirate Ship. I thought how far off can Shipstation possibly be. It was alot. I contacted the chat line and was told to post here. I figured I would before making the sw...

steven10 by Occasional Contributor
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Poor Advertising

I signed up to see shipping rates before i launched my Amazon store and Shipstaion started my free trial. It only makes sense to start your free trial once you have connected a store and using all features. Scam. Not really a free trial at all.

Automation Rule Add Internal Note

So we have variation listing's on our eBay store, I am trying to add an Internal note (or anything) that would add a note to packing slips stating what is in each of the variation to help the warehouse when packing orders. I spoke to support who advi...

LAshton by New Contributor
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Bug Report: Split and recombine fails with error

HelloWe are encountering an error when we split a shipment using Split and then recombine the shipments.6 package order of 2 different products.We first split the order as a,b,c,d,e and f but later found we can combine the packages as ab,cd,e,f. So t...

Sliceworx by Occasional Contributor
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adding order tags

we need the ability to attach order tags onto orders when they sync into shipstation. we use shopify and orders have order tags already but not sync over into shipstation. in speaking with one of the shipstation support agents that is not capable and...

wendyg by New Contributor
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Auto Generate and e-mail reports

It would be fantastic if you could auto-generate a report, like the shipping manifest, at a specific time every day and then e-mail it to key team members. That way, we would get daily updates and wouldn't have to dig through the platform. I'd love t...

jbain by First-timer
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Mark Orders as Shipped in Bulk

I'm using this feature "Mark Orders as Shipped in Bulk" as seen below:I can see that this feature doesn't have the "Notify Customer" and "Notify Marketplace" options.If I use this feature, does it notify customer and marketplace?Or what's the default...

Grizwolf by New Contributor
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Email Pick Lists

HiWould like pick lists to be emailed when a new order comes in. Can be in the body of the email or a PDF.

tobyh by New Contributor
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Mark As Shipped Bulk Improvements

We want to use the Marked as shipped bulk feature to upload tracking information. Currently you can up load a tracking number using the order number as a reference but you then still need to choose the courier you used. In order to make this more eff...

Konquer by First-timer
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API Create Order - Correct Store ID

Hey all,I'm looking for some help/insight into an issue I'm having importing orders to the correct manual store.Background:My company has set up manual stores per client within Shipstation. The clients place their orders on a google sheet and we impo...

SamQSM by New Contributor
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USPS DDP First-Class package option

I love the options for DDP which helps our Canadian customers,Unfortunately, the most economical way to ship our product is USPS First-Class Package International which does not have an option to DDPFrom ShipStation's DDP article:"USPS (limited to Fi...