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Create Return Labels for FBA?

Our client wants to email Shipstation return labels to customers for products that were fulfilled through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. According to this (

od2o by First-timer
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ShipStation letting Users know when there is an issue

Wouldn't it be great if ShipStation would send out a mass email letting it's users know when there is an issue? I find it very annoying to wait for a chat (although when I am 48th in line it does give me a clue) to then be told:but since this is affe...

r_hudson by Occasional Contributor
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Email Support Request Immediately Marked as Solved?

I just submitted a support request via email. Shortly after, I went to My Cases to add some additional relevant information. I was surprised to find my support issue there, but marked as "solved." This was approximately 10 minutes after I submitted t...

Austinite by Occasional Contributor
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UPS - Do not allow rerouting of shipments?

We have had a number of fraudulent orders go through where the recipient will use a fake address, and then call UPS to have the shipment redirected to a UPS pickup facility where they show a fake ID and pick up the shipment. We recently lost $6,000 o...

TelCan by Occasional Contributor
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USPS international first class package max length 22"

The max length for USPS first class international packages was 24". But when I tried to ship a package yesterday, the message "First-Class packages cannot exceed 22" x 18" x 15"". came up. It would not allow me to ship a 24" long package. I went to t...

KennyW by Occasional Contributor
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Shipstation needs a customer edit option

Shipstation really needs a simple EDIT button on the customer list so that address and email contacts can get added. They especially need an EDIT option for the order number for orders. I've never used a software where the ability to EDIT is so locke...

Edit checkout for Lightspeed

Hi, all! I currently use Lightspeed for my e-comm - and am definitely too deep now to change over to another platform - but noticed that there is a Checkout option within ShipStation only available for Shopify/Wix/whatever else that allows you to edi...

bharris by First-timer
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Shipstation down?

I just upgraded to the new shipstation this morning and we have been having issues since - is it ShipStation or is it the upgrade? anyone else having issues today?

Scan to Print - Scanned order not changing

We have an issue where if we scan a packing slip and then for whatever reason the order doesn't get shipped, e.g. missing part of the order we put the order & packing slip to one side and then move on by scanning the next packing slip. ShipStation do...

mark2 by Occasional Contributor
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Scan to Print - Reprint warning

We use scan to print and we have an issue where sometimes for whatever reason, there is more than one packing slip can exist for an order. When using Scan to Print staff can scan the second packing slip and ShipStation will reprint the label without ...

mark2 by Occasional Contributor
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iPhone App multi Piece Shipments

Hi guys, do anyone have idea when we can be able to print multiple labels from iPhone app which seems to be a major feature missing. I cannot even use the app due to most our shipments are consists of multiple packaging even some single items.

Incorrect tracking information / invalid label (V3)

@Manager-Erin So here we are... yet another V3 blunder... I shipped an order to Brooklyn, NY via USPS Priority on June 30. The tracking now indicates that the package was delivered on May 16, to an address in Virginia. How is this even possible? I ha...

pedalpcb by Contributor
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Need New API Feature

We are trying to build a new system around shipstation.For some reason, we need to keep the list of all carrier services in our own database.However, when/if a new carrier service is added, there is no way to know that a new service has been added.Fo...

Limit on Barcode presets?

Is there a limit on how many presets that I can use as barcodes? We have quite a few box sizes that we would like to have all on as a barcode. I have ran out of hotkeys to assign the package presets to. Heres the funny part. I have one preset that wa...

NEV2 by Rookie
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Inventory Management

Does Shipstations inventory management feature adjust when multiple stores sell the same item? I have my WooCommerce and eBay shipping same items and I want to be able to have my inventory adjusted automatically when something sells on either platfor...

NEV by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Scan to verify requires to press enter on keyboard?

Every time that I scan an item within Scan to Verify page, it doesn't verify the item until I scan AND press enter on my keyboard. Yet every once in a while when I play with either the shipping and or the verify page, Ill go to scan an item and... BL...

NEV by Occasional Contributor
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Discount filter

please please add the ability to filter by discount. often times we use discounts to add a free product to an order. it'd be great to filter by discount and batch print orders so we know which orders need to include a freebie.

Inventory Mgmt For In-House Print On Demand

Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out a way to keep track of shirt inventory that I print on demand. Since I don't stock shirts that are already printed, I can't specify how much inventory I have of a particular design. For example, I have 100 blank...

jknopic by First-timer
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Return Label Issue

Is anybody having an issue with an error creating a return label? It does not happen all the time but when it does happen, the include return label with outgoing shipment box is marked.

amg by First-timer
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