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Product Bundle Issue

Occasional Contributor

Absolutely happy that Shipstation has added the bundle feature. One issue I've noticed with it though is that when you have it set to just show the bundle name, (not separated out into its individual parts) the product name override does not work. 


Occasional Contributor

We've come across a couple of other issues with bundles.

1) Bundles sometimes pulling through 1 SKU twice and missing other SKU's. We have had sales of the same bundle that appear correct with all SKU's listed and then later in the day the same bundle come through incorrectly with 1 SKU listed twice or more times. 

2) Bundles show £0 so you can't export without manually adding the values. 

We've waited a long time for them to add a bundles feature, hopefully these are just teething problems and they can get them fixed ASAP.