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Product Bundle Issue

Occasional Contributor

Absolutely happy that Shipstation has added the bundle feature. One issue I've noticed with it though is that when you have it set to just show the bundle name, (not separated out into its individual parts) the product name override does not work. 


Occasional Contributor

We've come across a couple of other issues with bundles.

1) Bundles sometimes pulling through 1 SKU twice and missing other SKU's. We have had sales of the same bundle that appear correct with all SKU's listed and then later in the day the same bundle come through incorrectly with 1 SKU listed twice or more times. 

2) Bundles show £0 so you can't export without manually adding the values. 

We've waited a long time for them to add a bundles feature, hopefully these are just teething problems and they can get them fixed ASAP.

Is there anyway to show the pricing on the label? all bundles show 0 pricing and it messes up monthly insights as well.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@SMP @tillman @Daylon Thanks for raising this. It is a problem we've been thinking about a lot.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how we set pricing for the child items. If the bundle is $100 and has 3 items, what are their prices? What if you offer the bundle at a discount, say $75 for a holiday sale? I don't want to lead your brainstorming to a solution, but we considered adding a fixed price to each child item row, or adding a percentage to each row. For percentage your 3 item bundle could set one item to 60% of the incoming marketplace price and the other two items to 20% as an example. Another consideration here is customs declarations.

All this to say, we want to try to save our merchants from having to enter child item prices and maintain these through discounts, but would love to hear your thoughts on how you might imagine this feature!

New Contributor

First you need to just divide the total amount by the amount of items in the order. This will solve the customs issue straight away. 

Down the line you could set up percentages of the bundle that each SKU makes up so that even when a discount it placed you can get accurate values shown and keep your insights accurate too.

e.g bundle is made up of A 50%, B 40% and C 10%. 

Bundle sells for $100 so A = $50, B = $40 and C = $10.

Bundle sells for $80 so A = $40, B = $32 and C = $8. 

Using percentages rather than values I think would be easier to implement.