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Splitting batches by ship from location


I am making this suggestion based off a recommendation from ship station support. 

We have multiple stores that import their orders into our ship station which means that there are multiple ship from locations. Let's just say we have about a 100 different stores importing their orders and we come in after the weekend to a minimum of 11k orders. Some stores contain hundreds of those orders and some only containing a few orders. We would usually just select 500 orders at a time in our awaiting shipments and process them that way (500 orders per batch). 

There was a fix that was implemented yesterday to split batches by ship from location. Now when we try to go in and process 500 orders in a batch, it split that into over 20 different batches. Some containing only 1 or 2 orders, some with 20, some with 60 based on the ship from location. This tripled the time it usually takes for us to process and print orders.

I'm suggesting and requesting a feature to enable the option to turn off splitting by ship from locations. It is most efficient for us to process our orders in larger batches based off the sku/product vs. by ship from location. 


If this request can't be offered for us, we will immediately look for another application to use for our businesses as this will halt our production to an unacceptable level. 


Thank You!